LSF Travel Tips

Travel tips. I've been having so much fun this summer!

In between summer shape up, traveling, and all of these live events I am feeling on top of the world.

You deserve to feel just as good jet setting as you do on a normal day, especially during summer, so here's the packing list.

What I'm packing on vacation

  • My Just Chill water bottle: Listen, I loooove drinking cocktails on vacation. There's something about enjoying a tropical drink with a view that feels is the epitome of vacay-mode. But I'm also not trying to spend every morning of my trip dealing with the choices I made the night before. So I bring my LSF water bottle with me. Every time I finish a drink, I make sure to drink at least eight ounces of water before I order another one. See ya hangover!
  • My phone with my LSF app: I'm not trying to undo all the work I did prepping to look my best on vacation with a few days of poor eating choices and dismissing my exercise habits! I want to look and feel as good on the last day of my trip as I did on vaca day one. But the problem is that vacation means getting outside of my normal routine, so staying on my A-game, physically, can be hard. That's why I'm obsessed with the LSF app. I journal in the app throughout my day. It gives me an awesome opportunity to check in, track my decisions to ensure I don't overdo it with food or drinks!
  • Cute and comfy shoes: One of the BEST ways to stay active on vacation is to explore on foot. Seriously, babes, walking is a simple and easy way to stay active and burn calories throughout your vacation. And, bonus, you get to see the sights like a local, which I absolutely love! Walking is all in the shoe choice, my go-to is a versatile, cute, and comfy sneaker. I know I can walk in without my feet hurting.
  • A health kit: Vacation's relaxing, but have you ever felt exhausted after one? Yeah, me too. It's easy to get lazy with giving your body the right nutrients when you're soo focused on having fun. Hot tip ahead!!! Packing probiotics and vitamins for your every morning sets you up for success no matter where your day takes you! Packing healthy snacks on the go helps you make smart eating decisions after long days of walking. I like to throw in a few protein bars or mixed nuts in my purse or backpack. This is a good tip to eliminate the temptations to slip and avoid feeling hangry.
  • My booty bands: Since I know I'm going to be rocking a lot of crop tops and bikinis on my vacay, I want to keep everything super toned. And, thanks to our awesome new booty bands, I can do that right from my hotel room. Seriously, they take up NO space in my bag and make it so much easier to get a rockin' workout in without having to find a gym.

And I've got one more tip for you! The booty bands come in handy once you get to your destination, but why waste all that time traveling there? I love squeezing in a quick workout when I'm at the airport or on my flight. And my go-to move is one that keeps me looking and feeling super great!

The ab vacuum

To do it, you just tighten your core and pull your belly button in as close to your spine as you can. Sit up super straight and feel all your core muscles tighten in. Hold this for 60 seconds, then release. Repeat it a few times so you can feel that burn! I do this at the airport, on the plane, and throughout my vacation so I'm always feeling toned and tight.

What are your travel tips? Let me know, babes! I'd love to use them during my upcoming summer travels!

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