LSF + Gerolsteiner Sparkling Detox Challenge


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Now that the Arms challenge is over, I have a new one for you! We're doing a little Detox Challenge to help you cleanse your body from the inside out!

I talk about itallthe time, butif you're trying to lose weight or just live a healthier life in general, water is KEY!Drinking the 1.5L+ you need a day can be tough, but it doesn't have to be boring tap water to get the benefits.

Obviously soda is out, but teas, fresh fruits and mineral water are all more exciting ways to get your hydration on.Especially if you're used to getting a carbonation fix, mineral water is a way healthier alternative to stay hydrated without the calories.

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Sooo.. to help motivate you to drink more water, I'm teaming up with Gerolsteiner Sparkling Waterfor a 5 Day Sparkling Detox Challenge! #SparklingDetox

Their water is like magic water. It's from a volcanic region in Germany andnaturallysparkling. Like comes out of the ground that way! Amazing! I also love thattheir water has tons of minerals like magnesium and calcium that are super important to keep your muscles and bones healthy.

How it Works

♥ Replace all of your drinks with GerolsteinerSparkling Natural Mineral Water for five days.

♥ Non-caffeinated herbal teas are totally ok to drink during the challenge and smoothies count as food so you're all good!

♥ This is all about helping support each other to drink more water, to nourish our bodies and feel energized. It's a great opportunity to ditch any bad liquid habits andsee how small changes can have a huge impact on how you feel.

♥ The challenge officially starts September 12th & you can join the Facebook group to stay connected and supported throughout the whole thing HERE

You also have a chancewin a week's supply of Gerolsteiner for your own detox challenge! EnterHERE


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