Lots Of Love Day 6: Spa Day Everyday

self care acts

I don't know about you, but after digging deep this past week with our Lots of Love Challenge, I need a little TLC (you can still get in on our Lots of Love Challenge that's filled with guidance to love yourself unconditionally both inside and out!) And TBH, pampering ourselves is a MUST-do every day. Something as easy as taking a few moments to relax with a face mask can reset our psyche for the rest of the day.

You're gonna love our DYI facemask recipes that use all-natural ingredients that you likely already have in your fridge, like oatmeal, eggs, honey and yogurt—and even cocoa! Yum. Our DIY facemasks are so hydrating, calming and sooooothing, you're gonna def have glowy skin--and also glow from within.

self care acts

I'll admit. Getting out of our emotional comfort zone can get kinda rough! Some of us have been unearthing some deeply buried emotional stuff, but remember… it's a process--for our body and our minds. We need to take the time to create little luxuries along the way to reach the finish line. Take it slow, because as we all know, slow and steady wins the race.

Girl, I can't say this enough: Self care truly needs to be an Every Day Thing; It's tempting to be the superwoman production machine you've been. But it's time to change direction and sked a little time for yourself on the daily. You are just as important as all the sh*t you need to get done.

OK so real life: This is hard. And it's hard on your skin. So many studies have shown how stress negatively affects your skin's water retention, i.e. causing dry skin. According to dermatology experts, chronic stress creates continuous increased levels of hormones that can have negative effects on our skin health. So in addition to exercise and eating right (Have you tried our Hot Body Meal Plan yet? It can change your life by helping you focus more on nutrition), creating an at-home spa experience can help give you a place to decompress. And let's face it, blotchy patchy skin isn't exactly a great look. So go ahead and slather this gooey goodness all over your beautiful face and trust us, you'll feel better and minimize some pores along the way. Let's say yes to self care acts not just today, but everyday!

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