Lots Of Love Day 3: I Love Me


self reflection

Okay. I know those first two days might have been rough. I mean, we literally asked you to call out negative feelings you've had about yourself!

But you can't treat something without diagnosing it first. So by going through those steps and really evaluating where your brain is hard on you, you've started the process of changing it. Girls, we are going to be a whole new generation of self loving, unstoppable babes! I can't wait to see how we all change when we really put in the work to build our self love.

In the workbook today, you're going to be making some affirmations for yourself. And because you're the one creating them, you can make affirmations that really resonate with you and fit where you're at in your unique journey.

self reflection

And to help you come up with affirmations that are both real and helpful to move forward, I want you to take some time to think of three things you really love about yourself. Don't let these be things other people love about you. Like, your mom might love your good manners, but that probably isn't what makes you wake up in the morning feeling energized.

it's time to give yourself all the love

Seriously, girl, you bring a LOT to the table. So sit down and give yourself some kudos. What are a few things that make you really special? How do you make the world a better place? How do you push yourself? How do you make your friends smile?

It's time to flip the script on those negative thoughts you worked on yesterday. Now that you know you have them — now that you've called them out into the light of day — you need something to combat them. And these things you love about yourself and your affirmations are just that. So weapons up, girls. We've got a good fight ahead.

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