Lots Of Love Challenge 2021


Self love challenge

Happy February! This month is all about showing love - to partners, family, friends, but most importantly, to OURSELVES! So many of us struggle to put ourselves first, but this month we are challenging you to do just that. It's time for the Lots of Love Challenge!

We are so excited for this free 2 week challenge that is all about loving ourselves. Week 1 is all about getting your mind right with daily self love and self reflecting using the Self Love Workbook and daily shareable resources on the LSF blog. Week 2 is all about getting your body right with healthy nutrition using the 7 day sugar detox guide and brand new free recipes on the LSF blog posted during week 2!

Plus, make sure to sign up for texts to be invited to an exclusive Zoom party with Katie before Lots of Love starts! Text 2021LOTSOFLOVE to 949-570-5746 to get texts from Katie and stay in the know!

Grab your challenge essentials

This challenge is going to be so much fun, you can't miss it! Join us now and make sure to grab your challenge essentials - the Self Love Workbook and the 7 Day Sugar Detox! You can totally do the challenge without these two guides, but if you want to get the full experience and see the most change, these two e-books are a game changer.

Get ready for Lots of Love!

❤️ Free 14 day fitness challenge

❤️ A printable calendar to keep track of each day

❤️ Free shareable self love templates for IG and daily self reflection

❤️ Weekly live workshops and chats

❤️ Free healthy recipes

❤️ Motivation and support from the LSF Community

❤️ And so much more!

Self love challenge

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