Lots Of Love Challenge 2020

Lots of Love Challenge. Are you ready for the best Galentines month ever?!

Our Lots of Love Challengeis HERE and we are so ready to celebrate with allllll the self love and gal time!

This has everything you need to continue the New Year momentum and keep sweating it out with your ladies! This month we are focusing on YOU and loving yourself not just all month long, but always! Week 1 we are doing the 7 Day Sugar Detoxtogether, and week 2 we are doing the Self Love Workbooktogether, so make sure you grab your Lots of Love Bundleto get the ultimate challenge experience!

lots of love challenge 2020

Let's love ourselves

  • Ô∏èFREE 2 week fitness and self love challenge
  • Ô∏èCardio focused moves in the LSF APP
  • Ô∏èNew exclusive videos in the LSF APP
  • Ô∏èHealthy, low sugar recipes
  • Ô∏èThe ultimate self love box giveaway
  • Ô∏èMotivation and support from #TeamLSF
lots of love challenge

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