#Liveguiltless Weight Loss Tips


Weight Loss Tips!

The question I get asked the most is how to lose weight. And while I really love people letting me into their lives in this way, I remember all too well what it was like to obsess over losing weight. Ironically, during that time, I was the heaviest I'd ever been.

The change came when I decided enough was enough. Even if the weight loss never came, I was going to enjoy my life and feel good. Eating healthy and exercising made me feel GOOD. So I built those habits in to my life gradually, and the habits that made me feel awful (binge drinking, starving myself, eating entire bags of chips in one sitting) eventually became less and less prominent.

And you know what?

I started to lose weight.

Crazy, right? When I changed my perspective and stopped feeling so much insane pressure, the change finally came. And trust me, I remember a time when I wouldn't allow myself to let go of all the anxiety because I was sure that if I wasn't stressed, I would lose all motivation. Not. True.

Instead of providing you with a bunch of weight loss tips that make you feel guilty (and if you've ever been on Pinterest, you know there are lots of these), I wanted to give you a list of rules for Living Guiltless. Because as you know, #LiveGuiltless is the LSF mantra. And when I started to Live Guiltless, I started to see the change I had always hoped for.

Pin this list. And print it. Send it to your friends who need to change their mindset. And maybe set it as your lock screen for good measure. These rules will literally change your life! Live Guiltless, beautiful babe.

While you're figuring out your guiltless journey, make sure you download the Guiltless Nutrition Lifestyle + Recipe Book. In here, I put all my tips for staying sane on your journey to the healthiest you, plus the BEST recipes I have to make sure you don't feel deprived for a single second. The healthier life is fuller, not emptier!!

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