Life Hacks To Relax And Get Rid Of Cramps


Get rid of cramps. 5 Life Hacks to Relax & Get Rid of Cramps

I have a few go-to life hacks that help me relax and get rid of muscle aches and cramps. Between New York and Coachella, I am SO ready to get my zen on at home!

Guys – my body is so tired!! I did back to back workouts in NYC and then danced and played in the desert for 3 days.Girlfriend needs a break!

I also was SUPER lucky and "that time of the month" was this weekend. Yay!Needless to say I've had some awesome cramps. Woop Woop Party People!

I could 100% go for all of these life hacks right now, but the two I absolutelyNEEDin my life are Calmand a seriously good stretch sesh.

life hacks to relax and reduce muscle soreness

Calm is my PMS saving grace! It takes those cramps away STAT and helps me just chill out. It's basically powdered magnesium which is natural muscle relaxer ANNNND helps to decrease stress. Basically it's the only way I can make through that one week a monthhah

You can see it in the video below at (1:05 minutes).


I've been trying to switch up my morning routine and be better about stretchingevery day. This week I've been living in half pigeon…it's just so ridiculously good for relaxing your hips and lower back. Whenever I'm PMS'ing that's where I feel it the worst so these stretches totally help!

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Checkout all my hacks and let me know what your biggest stressor is.At least at the moment!I know they can change on the daily, but these tips will help clear your mind and add some zen to your day.

WINNER UPDATE!!!!Maddie May was the winner of the earbuds! Congrats girl!

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