Hydration 101 | 5 Amazing Benefits


hydrating benefits. Let's talk about why staying hydrated is so, so important – both mentally and physically.

The Benefits of Hydrating

Were you always told to drink your water? Did you always take a few sips and then forget about it? Same, girl, same. Drinking enough water throughout the day is such a discipline. But after feeling tired and sluggish towards the end of the day, I knew I needed to make some changes. So, I decided to challenge myself to drink at least four water bottles a day, and before I knew it, this practice was integrated it into my everyday routine.

Now, I always have my water bottleon me and I'm constantly logging those bottles in the appbecause I know how important it is! It'ssogood forsomany different areas of your health, and is actually super important in helping you reach your #goals! Don't believe me? Check out the fun facts below and tell me you're not already chugging a glass – or two!

Clearer Skin

Already sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it's real! Drinking enough water helps your body flush out toxins that ultimately make their way to your skin. Ultimately leading to shorter, and fewer breakouts. Water also helps hydrate your skin cells, which gives you a healthy glow and promotes healing from burns, scarring, and staves off those pesky signs of aging. Yes, please, give me all the hydrating benefits!


In the same way that water helps you achieve clearer skin by flushing out toxins, it also detoxifies your digestive system by sweeping out the bad s***! Your digestive tract can become bogged down over time by the things you eat and can affect digestion, bloating, and overall energy levels. When you drink plenty of water, your body is flushes away the build up of these toxins, your colon is cleansed, and it can help regulate your digestion. Sign me up!

Curb Cravings/Hunger

Not drinking enough water can be a slippery slope to overeating. Often times, we confuse our body's thirst for hunger, and end up eating more when really we need to be drinking more! Next time you feel like your body is calling out for some fuel, try drinking a few glasses of water before you turn to the fridge. Having a couple of glasses before each meal is also a great way to allow your body to more accurately gauge if you're full or not. The best part? Curbing those cravings and having a better grip on your hunger will get you closer to a calorie deficit, which will lead to weight loss. Again, yes please!

If you need a little extra help curing those cravings, grab the 7 day Sugar Detoxand your water bottleand get ready to crush those goals!

Overall Health and Physical Performance

The earth is mostly made up of water, and so is your body! When you don't drink enough, you're sending your body into a drought, and it can't replenish itself. This affects everyday's basic physical and mental functions and deprives your body's cells of the nourishment they need to keep things movin'. So, staying on top of your daily intake means that your muscles will be able to regenerate, your performance during exertion (aka those sweat sessions) will improve, and your body's cells can replenish themselves as needed. Nobody likes a dry-spell, so make it rain, girl!

Better Focus

Depriving your brain of water can not only lead to painful headaches, but it decreases focus and function as well – yikes! When you don't drink enough, your brain doesn't have the fuel it needs to work properly. Whereas proper hydration allows you to focus better for longer, and will help you feel more alert and ready to take on the day! Of course, coffee is a must for a lot of us, but try making it a goal to drink a glass or two before your morning cup of tea or coffee. Trust me babe, it will better prepare you for your schedule ahead.

Your Turn

Sooooooo, how many glasses have you gone through? I bet I had you at "clearer skin" and "weight loss"! Log 'em in the app and tag me in a screenshot to prove it. ? Water really is liquid gold, and if all of your efforts for fitness and wellness don't include at least 4 LSF bottles a day, then you're missing out! As hard as it might be, try to diligently sip on your water bottle daily, and before long I promise you'll be seeing all the hydrating benefits too!

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