How To Reduce Stress + Pms Symptoms


Natural remedies for PMS

You would think that after years and years of having a monthly cycle, a lot of us would have a better handle on how to deal with PMS — and the stress that comes with it. But man oh man, sometimes it just throws you for a loop, right? For real, more than 75% of women deal with PMS symptoms. And the symptoms are so all over the place that scientists still haven't even really nailed down why we feel the way we feel.

It's a DRAG. And I don't know about you, but PMS seems to be at its most annoying when I'm already stressed. Like, if I just got back from vacation and my period's about to start, it seems like things are pretty chill. But if I have a lot going on and a million deadlines or something like that, I swear that my symptoms are way worse!

And it turns out I'm not being overly dramatic (phew!). Studies have shown that stress leading up to your period can make PMS worse. Ultimately, if you want to feel your best even when it's that time of the month, it's probably best to take a two-pronged approach: manage stress and use natural remedies for PMS.

The good news? I can help with both! Literally, our LSF team has spent months and months developing a boost to help with this EXACT situation. I want to introduce you to:

The Miss Congeniality Boost

I am so excited about Miss Congeniality! This boost is going to do so much for you. For real, we've formulated it so that it helps to:

  • Lower stress
  • Reduce PMS symptoms
  • Fight fatigue
  • Boost your mood (even helping with mild depression symptoms)
  • Support your brain function and ability to focus
  • Improve libido
  • Deliver anti-aging properties

How does it do all of this? It blends magnesium, zinc, goji berries, vitex agnus-castus (a medicinal shrub), mucuna pruriens (a medicinal legume), and adaptogens like ashwagandha, reishi mushroom, and lion's mane mushroom. And to make sure it tastes delicious, we added some things like natural creamy vanilla and dairy-free creamer, too.

Basically, we made Miss Congeniality to be the stress-busting top-of-the-game when it comes to natural remedies for PMS! For real, whether you've been feeling the crunch or those cramps, Miss Congeniality can come to the rescue.

Solutions to stress

Stress is never good for you, but it's especially problematic when you're leading up to your period. The good news is that researchers have done a ton of studies into stress and we have a pretty good idea of things that can help. Here are a few tips to get a handle on your stress:

  • Get moving. I'm not just saying this because I run a fitness brand! Exercise is a proven way to boost your mood, help your body deal with the physical effects of stress, and make your brain create endorphins, the neurotransmitters that help you deal with stress and pain. Even a quick Daily 10 (a ten-minute workout) in our LSF App can help you feel better and calmer.
  • Cut back on caffeine. Look, coffee can be awesome. But when you're already feeling tense, the increased heart rate that comes with caffeine really isn't worth it. If you've been feeling crunched lately, consider switching to a green tea. You'll still get a little bit of caffeine, but not nearly as much as a coffee.
  • Spend time with people you love. Hanging out with friends and family can do a TON for your stress levels. Plus, when you're with other people, it's a whole lot easier to forget about the thing that's stressing you out. Even if you're on a deadline or feeling super overwhelmed, carve out some time on your schedule to be with the people you matter most to you. You'll come back to your to-dos feeling more relaxed, which can help to boost productivity.

Natural remedies for PMS

Managing stress is just one piece of the puzzle, though. It can make PMS less of a drag, but you might still deal with those pesky premenstrual symptoms. Fortunately, Miss Congeniality and some other natural remedies for PMS can help. Here are a few things to try:

  • Stress relief. I sound like a broken record, but PRIORITIZE YOURSELF. Your PMS symptoms don't have to be brutal. And you don't have to feel stressed out all the time!
  • Exercise. I know, I know, I'm on repeat. But isn't it interesting that something that's proven to help with stress also helps with PMS symptoms? Time to schedule in that sweat sesh!
  • Eating right. Less sodium can help you feel less bloated during that time of the month, and less sugar can help you fight the fatigue that often comes with it. Long story short, a balanced diet can help you feel your best, period or no. At risk of REALLY sounding like I'm on a loop, less caffeine can help reduce cramping.
  • Vitex agnus-castus. Remember that medicinal shrub from the Miss Congeniality ingredients list? It's one of the best natural remedies for PMS. Several controlled trials found that it gave women more PMS relief than a placebo — which is exactly why we decided to include it in our boost.

PMS is the worst — but you don't have to just sit and suffer through it. With Miss Congeniality by your side, you're ready to feel your best no matter what time of the month it is!

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