How To Make Your New Years Goals Last


Make goals last. Hey LSF babes! It's mid-January. How are your goals looking?

This is the time many people start sliding away from their goals and we're NOT gonna let that happen for you! It's all about figuring outHow To Make Your New Years Goals Last so you can be super proud come next NYE!

After a couple of weeks of trying really hard to do things differently, one bad week of PMS or stressful work week can make it too easy to slip back into old (unhealthy) habits.

So how do you stick with it?

We're pushing through the mid-month motivation blues so you can keep your goals going strong all year long!

Because without these goals, the year will feel much like the year before andthe year before that.

Create Small Goals

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Hear me out. First of all, we all have big goals, I know that. For some, it may be to lose 50 pounds. For others, maybe it's lifting a 100-pound barbell(get it girlfriend). And then for others, it might be to reading a new book every month or traveling the world.

And that's great. They are allamazinggoals, but if you're tunnel focused on BIG goals, you will burn yourself out. and just like that… Poof! Goal gone.

The best way to stick to your big goal is to create small goalsin between that will help you make it happen.

Say your goal is to lose 50 pounds. Don't focus on the 50 pounds… That number is overwhelming and It won't happen overnight. Instead, maybe focus on losing 5 pounds a month. Yes, it will take you 10 months to reach your goal but think back to last year. How quickly did summer come? Or the holidays?

Every year, I feel like I hear the same thing, "Wow this year flew by!" Trust me…we will be saying it again this year!

Celebrate Small Successes

If you want your new years goals to last, you have to celebrate the small stuff!

When you've lost 5 pounds, buy yourself a new sports bra. If you've lifted 5 more pounds than you did last week, take yourself out for a manicure. If you've read 20 more pages this month than last month, go out for a movie.

The list goes on…

Make one day a weekYOUR DAYto reflect on what you've accomplished so far. And then brag about it. Tell your significant other, your parents, siblings, or just write it down for yourself. Celebrate however it feels good to you, but make sure you acknowledge it.

It is KEY to feel rewarded and be sure your efforts don't go unnoticed.

Don't Do It Alone

Because change is hard. Yes, it is. I'm not sugarcoating anything.

So don't force yourself to change in silence. Goals are something to be proud of and something to talk about.You've made a decision to do something better for your mind, body, and/or soul.Own that and make sure people know what you're doing!

If you aren't somebody who wants to scream it from the rooftops, consider these other options.,.

  • Start a separate Instagram account for your goal and use it to find people who have common goals. (ie. @KatieLSF to show you're a part of TEAM LSF and for fitness inspo)
  • Join a group online that posts about your goals.
  • If you have a fitness and/or health-related goal, join the #LSFTeam! Search for our hashtags and follow it.

Letting people know what you're up to will help you feel more accountable.

So there you have it. Make your goals measurable, celebrate your small wins, and utilize the support of those around you.

Now, go out there and conquer!

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