How To Make Almond Milk At Home

How to make almond milk. If you read my Coffee Confessions blog last week you know I am SO over all the store bought non-dairy milks.

I can't deal with "almond milk" that only has 2% almond and 98% who knows what. I've thought about making my own almond milk for a while and just hadn't gotten around to it.

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When I really started digging and learning about all of the additives in the milks out there I knew I had to actually do it. Girls, it is SO EASY! I thought it would be annoying, messy and overrated….but it was AWESOME!

I tried making cashew milk first because it's a bit easier (you don't need to strain it), but they're higher in fat and it was a little funky. It literally only lasted 2 days. Day 1 & 2 it was delish. Like dessert. Day 3 it was more of cashew yogurt. Maybe it was edible in that form, but it grossed me out, so I dumped it.

This week I decided to give almond milk a go. Admittedly I tried this about 6 months back and didn't have cheese cloth so it turned out awful.

This time I was ready. I sprouted my nuts overnight for 8-10 hours. Sprouting is basically just soaking them in water so they "sprout."

♥ As a side note, it's smart to sprout nuts even when you just plan on snacking on them. It really brings them to life! Sprouting increases the digestible proteins, minerals, vitamins and enzymes.And that's just a little of what it does for them!♥

I used cheesecloth with a rubber band, but they do make actual nut milk sacks (awkward name). Either way, you've gotta use something or you'll end up with super chunky milk.

Once you've sprouted the nuts, drain and rinse them thoroughly, then blend it all together. I used 3 pitteddates and a dash of cinnamon for a little sweetness, but you can go completely unsweetened as well. It literally took 10 minutes to blend, strain and store.100%worth it.

The fact it will only last about 2-3 days is a bit annoying, but that's how mostREALfood should be. If you aren't adding crappy preservatives, it won't last long and that's O.K. I really only use it in my coffee so hopefully it will help keep me from drinking it everyday. #Winning

Now the good stuff:Recipe and instructions on how to make almond milk at home! I can't wait to see how yours turns out!

♥ Try it & post your pics on Instagram! Don't forget to #LoveSweatFitness

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