How To Rock Any Swim Suit Style


Swim suit workout. Moves that target your trouble ares so you can rock any swim suit style the spring.

While it might not be bikini season everywhere, my toes have been dipped in the sand and I can't let go of those summer feels that are creeping in. As we wrap up the Spring Slim Down Challenge i wanted to give you my best exercises that target trouble areas so you can rock any swim suit style.

I'm not going to lie and tell you that if you just do these moves you'll solve all your problems. I wish it was that easy, but you can't target fat loss. What you can do is target muscles and working specific muscle groups will burn calories and help change the shape of your body. Then add in your LSF nutrition planand BAM! That's the key to change. That's when to trouble areas will start to truly disappear and your confidence in your strong, sculpted body will continue to grow.

Obliques / Waistline

Mermaid Crunches x15 each side

Everyone's bodies are unique, but the obliques are those amazing ab muscles that start on your lower-mid back and wrap around to the front. Working them will help cinch your waistline and create a more defined "hourglass" shape. In cause you didn't already know my stance on it, waist trainers don't work and are a waste of time and money. Not to mention they can jack up your body long-term. Just DON'T do it. Do this instead….

Inner / Outer Thighs

Clam Leg Lifts x 15 each side

I'll be honest, before I started the Hot Body Sweat Guide my inner outer thighs were a trouble spot for me. Tons of you are doing the guide and seeing amazing results so I wanted to give you a newer move to add to your workouts. You've seen it in the Spring Slim Down and not it's gonna help you rock those itsy bitsy's.

Arms / Chest

Seal Push-Ups x15

I get asked about "lifting" your chest with exercises all the time and ladies, this is the best way to perk things up. Fact – your chest is almost all fatty tissue. So unfortunately, when you lose weight, it often leaves there first. Bye boobs ?That said, you have awesome pec muscles underneath to help keep things lifted if you work them right. Plus this move will sculpt the tops of your shoulders and even tone your arms. You don't need weights or surgery to make it happen?

Booty /Love Handles

Dolphin Tails x15

Ok, if you haven't done this exercise with me before, get ready. It seriously works like whoah! It targets your lower back/love handles and completely gets that booty poppin.' There aren't many moves that can get your glutes super engaged from the get-go, but this one does and does it real well!


Sea Otters x20

Can I get a hells yaaas from all there girls who have struggled with that lower belly pooch?Uh the struggle is real. Even after I lost most of my weight that was the tiny little spot that seemed like it would never leave. It wasn't until I created the HBMP and started created moves like these that I finally got it to go! This move is going to make those abs scream, but just picture a cute little sea otter floating on his back eating an anemone…so cute right?hah

The WORKOUT: If you want to hit a quick full bod workout, do 15-20 reps of all these moves for 2-3 rounds, trying to go as fast as you can! Abs and booty poppin' in that bikini babe!

You might remember me giving you a sneak peek BTS with Swim Spot a month or so ago and I'm excited to finally share that I am one of their Fit Specialists this year. I got tospend the day with 5 other incredibly strong, talented, beautiful women of all different shapes and sizes shooting in bikinis! And although it was super fun, it did have a purpose. Basically they fit us to all sorts of different styles of bathing suits to help women shopping in stores and online to better know how a suit might fit their body shape. I posed for the " athletic build" but their are six of us with all different body types to help you pick the right suit for you!

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