Health Benefits Of Being Organized


benefits of being organized. Your room's a mess, you know you should clean it, but you just feel overwhelmed and gross being in there.

The chaos that you should handle just stresses you out. So what do you do? You leave the room and say you'll get to it tomorrow. Repeat for IDK, a day? A week? Three? There are so many benefits of being organized!

This is a no judgment zone here, girl. We've allll been there.

The lesson here? I mean, besides cleaning up your room before it gets out of control? It's this: messy, chaotic spaces causestressandavoidance. Neither of which we need in our lives!

We all know the dangers of stress for our health. But did you know that disorganization, which leads to stress, can actually sabotage your get-fit goals and plans? IKR. No matter how good your intentions, if you're disorganized, it's going to be harder to succeed. No seriously, Cornell did a studyon it! The gist is this: they put them in a messy room. Then offered them carrots, crackers, and cookies. The more chaotic the room, the more cookies they ate.

Don't worry, though! Team LSF has got you. We're here to give you the skinny on the two areas of your life youhave to organizein order to see those lbs. drop!

Your Time:

Treat workouts as an important meeting with your boss.

It's so important to literally block off that time in your calendar. What's equally as important? Actuallydoingthe workout when your calendar alert goes off.

Plan time for grocery shopping, meal prepping, and cooking.

The HBMPtakes a lot of the work out of this for you by telling you exactly what to eat, when, and what to buy. But you've still gotta make time to go to the store, prep the meals, and ultimately cook them.

Pro Tip:All of this takes longer than we ever expect

As humans we underestimate the amount of time it will take us to do something and run out of time to do it, falling back into old habits. Don't be that girl! Plan it out. Block out a full afternoon for meal prep. Then, if you finish faster, you've got spare time to get your sweat on or meet your squad for coffee!

Take a look at your schedule for the week and plan which meals go which day. The day you work late is not the time to try the new, multistep meal you've been dying to try. You'll run out of time and order UberEats. Set yourself up for success. Leftovers, as long as they're healthy, are a great option for a quick grab-and-go lunch or dinner.

Your Space:

Organize your kitchen, or you're not going to want to be in it to prep the meals and snacks you need to support your goals. Clear out clutter, put the dishes away. Find a way to make new habits that help you stay on top of the mess so it doesn't get overwhelming or out of control again.

Clean your fridge.

If it's a mess, you're going to stare at it for a while and two things happen. Either you grab the first thing you see — which could be a jar of salsa or some cookie dough — or you'll close it and rummage through cabinets finding another equally unhealthy option. This is huuuuuge. Stay tuned for our LSF hacks to a healthier, happier fridge.

Declutter and pair down your drawers.

Or at least fold the clothes and put them away nicely. Why? If they're a disaster, it's going to be hard to find your workout clothes and you'll use it as a reason to skip today's workout. Nuh uh, girlfriend.

Tidy up that closet.

Find the other gym shoe. Lay out your yoga mat, booty bands, and weights. If you can't find your gear when you need it, you'll have anotherreasonexcuse to wait until "tomorrow".

When we break it down like this, it's not so bad, right? Basically just two things! First, plan your time better. Put things in your planner and follow through when that time pops up — your health and goals are the most important thing! Don't procrastinate another day! Second, organize your space! Your headspace will follow, pinky promise.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, don't. No seriously. We've got a whole Fridge Makeover Challengecoming your way that will simplify a lot of this for you and support you in your goals! So we've gotta know… what messy, cluttered space areyoucommitting to clearing out this week? Post it on IG with #LSFFridgeMakeoverand be sure to show us your after, too! No one can appreciate the after without a before, amirite!? (Lookin' at you SSU!).

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