10 Ways To Hack Your Way Through The Holidays


Holiday hacks. We love the holidays. We'll say it again for the people in the back: We. Love. The. Holidays.

But on the real, you know what we don't love? The word busy. You're running around checking everyone off your gift list, heading out to all the parties and get-togethers, and trying to do good for your body all at the same time.

So we want to bust up that busy feeling. We should all be enjoying the cozy weather, taking our time with our loved ones, and still crushing our personal goals. And that's why we've gotta have some holiday life hacks under our belts! So let's bring it on, babes.

Get a Quick Christmas Tree

No one likes a cheap, tacky tree, but maybe we don't all have time to trek out to a Christmas tree lot. No worries girl! You can make your own little tree with wrap lights and tinsel or garland using a tomato cage… yes, you heard us right. A tomato cage makes the cutest Christmas tree! All you have to do is wrap your lights and tinsel or garland around, add a bow and some ornaments if you like, and bam. Your Christmas tree is set up. DIY vibes! And soooo easy!

DIY a Snow Globe

We all love decorating, but we don't all have time to cover every inch of our houses with Christmas spirit. Does that make you a grinch? No way! And you can definitely make time for these adorable mason jar snow globes, because they're gorgeous, simple, and quick. Deck the halls!

Make Pine Cone Wine Cork Trees

Speaking of the most gorgeous and simple decorations, you're also going to want to carve out a teeny bit of time to make these pine cone cork trees. Why just a teeny bit of time? Because most of the stuff that you need to make them is literally just lying around in your backyard. This is what we call little effort, big reward. You're welcome babe.

When in Doubt, Wine

Might seem obvi, but buy your wine in bulk. When you're wondering what to get that one difficult person on your list, a bottle of wine is a definite way to please just about everybody. You'll have an easy go-to gift on hand in a pinch whenever you need it! Plus, the box that holds a case of wine is the perfect storage bin for your wrapping paper! It's a win-win.

Share the PlateJoy

PlateJoy to the world. Using this app, you can meal plan to an absolute tee! You get to grocery shop from wherever you are – the office, a doctor's appointment – and have your food waiting for you when you arrive home. You don't have to deal with the stress of going to the store, and you've saved yourself a ton of time! Overwhelmed? We don't know her.

Be a Bookmarker

Sometimes, you need a little info to find that killer gift. When you're scrolling through Insta, save the best stuff! Make a folder, and when you're stuck on what to get someone, open it up. All those gifts are right there just waiting to be purchased.

Use Essential Oils

If you're hosting a lot of people… a lot of people are going to be using your bathroom. Add some essential oils to the inside of your toilet paper roll to make your bathroom smell nice and fresh no matter how much traffic it's getting!

Brew the Coolest Cocoa

Is there any greater gift than hot cocoa? Yes, it turns out there is! Spice up your hot cocoa with whipped cream in Christmas shapes! Are we back to the 2nd grade?? You bet, and we are lovin' it! Grab a large tray and pour whipped cream on it (think like whipped cream in a tub, not the one you squirt on pie). Next, freeze the whipped cream and once it's frozen, use holiday cookie cutters to cut whipped cream into festive shapes! It'll melt quick, but like, how cute.

And last but not least, we want you to stay happy and healthy! Enjoy your holidays babes and use these holiday hacks to avoid stress, truly enjoy time with your family and friends and smile. Cause smiling's our favorite.

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