Holiday Gift Guide 2020


Holiday gift guide

Strap in. It's the holidays—and that means it's time to get our shopping on! If you're like most of us, we always seem to run out of time to get it all done. Did you just say, "A little help here?" We think you did. And we heard you loud and clear! Girl, this year, we've done all the – ahem -- leg work for you with our quintessential holiday gift guide that has something for everyone on your list. And guess what, they're almost all under $50 (Hey, we know everyone is all about the 'peace and joy' until their next credit card statement arrives). So, all that shopping stress? Relax. NBD.

Honestly, sometimes less expensive gifts are harder to find. I mean, we don't want to be all scrooge-y with our friends – we're just trying to stick to a budget and spread joy. So don't even think about re-gifting elves on shelves, ugly sweaters or years-old fruitcake this year. Our LSF holiday gift guide includes all our faves in Fitness, Nutrition and Self Care. Your friends and family will love these gems -- and because they are so awesome, no one will guess the (oh, so affordable) price tag! And that means we get to give you the gift of confidence!

FITNESS Under $50

LSF Foam Roller

We've been flexing on our LSF 2-in-1 Foam Roller a lot lately, and for good reason! Foam rolling is one of the best ways to maximize workout efforts and reenergize your muscles. The marble design on our roller is kinda dreamy and its multi-zone outer and soft inner layers will def improve post-workout recovery time. When you can give a roller that's this insanely cute and effective, I mean, c'mon. What elf can you ask for?

Shorts + Tank Workout Sets

OK, so cute. They'll step into this two-piece bra and workout short set and be prepared for their best work out in 5-ever! The stylish padded bra is both comfy and supportive, and the shorts are super flattering for any shape. We love the stretchy material because it controls our tummy and lifts our booty while we sleigh it!

LSF Heart Hoodie

Cozy, soft, and super chic. This must-give cropped hoody is so on-trend, they'll look fabulously hip while trimming the tree or playing Reindeer Hat Horseshoe. Made from high-quality combed & ring-spun cotton and poly fleece, this neutral-colored crop hoodie is cut longer than most and so versatile! We promise it will look ah-mazing with anything they pair with it. Oh, and best of all, it features our LSF heart logo, so every time they wear it, they'll be reminded how much you love them. Awe!

Pants + Longsleeve Workout Sets

Even though the weather has taken a less than balmy turn, we're all still waking up to crush those early morning workouts. With this lightweight long-sleeved compression workout set, they can kiss Jack Frost buh-bye. The material is breathable and comfy, and the fit is so fire. Let's just say it hugs all the right places. Yasss! They'll thank you with a high-five and a warm-yet-bewitching smile.

Step up box

You know they're on your list. Those friends who claim they can't get past the infamous fitness "plateau." Well, you can really help them step up their workouts by giving them a fitness box they can add to their regime. Step up boxes will work every inch of their legs and build stability, strength, and coordination! This one's really sturdy (there's like a lot of steel and wood holding this bad boy together) and features a rubber top, so it's super stable and there's no fear of slippage! With this added oomph to their workout, they'll crank through to the next level of fitness in no time!

Posture Corrector

Serious. We're kind of obsessed with this gift because of the 10,000 hours every dang day we are hunched over our computers working (except when we're working out, of course). After a while, our shoulders droop and we get all hump back-y. We love this adjustable posture corrector gizmo because well, first of all, it's pink. And secondly, for a contraption, it's super incognito and easy to wear. It fits under your clothes so no one will be the wiser as they secretly improve problems such as scoliosis, spinal side bend, lumbago, and just plain ol' back pain. So be a hero to your co-workers who are always griping about their aching backs on Zoom calls and give them the gift of relief!

Ankle Weights

We know. Some peeps in your tribe think these are so extra. But these one-pound ankle and wrist weight sets on our holiday gift guide could be a game-changer for their fitness journey. Available in pink or blue, they are super styling with a soft silicone, skin-friendly texture. But most importantly, they increase exercise intensity (and badassery) while burning fat and building a cray amount of muscle strength and endurance. They also can be majorly beneficial for those whose fitness regiment consists of a simple daily walk.


Uniquely You!

We could all use a good detox every now and then, especially coming out of the holidays. This gift of gluten-free Uniquely You! Daily Wellness Gummies supplements will give your loved ones the little extra push they need to stay healthy and help rid their bods of all that gook they ingested during the holidays. Chew on, my queens. Chew on.


Ah, the world of Instantpot-ting. If you aren't yet familiar with the Instantpot, it's a multi-purpose, customizable cooking machine with a cult-like following! This magical pressure cooker-slash-steamer-slash-slow cooker will allow friends and family to whip up an endless array of simple healthy recipes, like yogurt, rice, pasta, soups, chicken, overnight oatmeal, steamed veggies… I mean, we can go on infinitum. The point is, this is an appliance worth giving (and getting if you still don't have one!), and you'll likely get invited to dinner that will be absolutely delish.

Holiday Survival Guide

It's beginning to look a lot like… a big hot mess. Our Holiday Survival Guide is the perfect present for your friends who have a hard time doing Christmas: their tree lights are tangled, the stockings have gone missing, the dog ate the pfeffernusse, and all they really want is to do is yell, "Bah humbug." Welp, it's time to spark the joy again. With 62 pages of décor tips, healthy recipes, workouts, checklists, relaxation essentials, and much more, our LSF Holiday Survival Guide will help them let go of their holiday stress and get back on track in no time. We give a resounding holly jolly to that!

Storage Canisters (come in colors or white!)

It's been a minute since we've been this excited about storage canisters. But these handy-dandy ceramic containers are soooo pretty that they landed a coveted position on our holiday gift guide! Bam! We love the color selection on these beauties – white or muted green, dusty rose, and slate gray. The lids are acacia wood, making for quite the stylish display. Perfect for organizing and storing tea, coffee, sugar, flour, cereal, beans, rice, spices, herbs, and your favorite healthy snacks like nuts or dried coconut chips.

French Press

Some of us can get so aggro when we don't have our coffee. And who needs moody friends? That's why we say "oui" to this fabulous French Press. This eight-cup press will give you great flavorful brew in just four minutes. Made of glass with gold accents, it's so elegant, their friends will assume they're coffee connoisseurs, when in fact, they just need their caffeine like, now. Those in the know say that regular moderate coffee and tea intake reduces the risk of stroke and heart disease, as well as neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's. We also say "oui, oui" to that!

Wine Opener

You had them at Wine. And then Opener. And then Electric. OK, bottom line is that this miraculous tool is pretty dope because it gives the wine enthusiasts on your list the ability to easily pull the cork from the bottle and access the glorious grape. Need we say more? OK, alllllsoooo… drinking wine in moderation is good for you! Experts say it provides antioxidants, supports longevity, and helps protect against heart disease and harmful inflammation. OK, now we're done. Oh, and cheers!

SELF CARE Under $50

LSF Planner

Well, it's been a year. We think we can all agree that we're happy to put the apocalypse that was 2020 behind us. Done and done. We're excited to help all you busy babes set goals for next year with the LSF Planner. Our 2021 #GOALS Planner helps all the Reese Witherspoons on your holiday gift list design their dream life with vision board building and goal setting; organizing and daily planning; monthly and weekly overviews; fun stickers and artwork; motivational messages from Katie; healthy habit builder; and so much more. And all that comes in full-color pages with a pretty soft peach cover, bound with rose gold metal wire. And Reese will especially appreciate that it also includes laminated, color-coded month tabs.

Mini fridge

Beyond adorable. Really. This retro pink mini fridge is so cute we just want to pinch its little handles. And it's portable! In fact, when you gift it to your friends, they're gonna want to carry it with them wherever they go. And who couldn't use their own personalized fridge RN, what with all the jars and tubes of cosmetics, La Croix cans, and elixirs that we all use on the daily. This fridge even has a hot mode that allows you to warm things up if needed. So if ever there was a perfect gift for new moms on your holiday gift list (who may be stockpiling breast milk), this would be it.

Plush Fleece Indoor/Outdoor Slippers

The weather's cold, and that means our little tootsies need some extra love. These premium fleece slippers with a cross band design are cozy, chic and elegant, making them the perfect gift for family and friends. They also have sturdy-yet-comfy waterproof foam soles so you can venture outside to grab the mail without your feet getting nippy!

Voluspa Candles

This gift is for all of your overscheduled rigorously organized friends who need to just RELAX for a hot minute and breathe in the amazing scents of this beautiful Voluspa candle selection. From Goji Torroco Orange, Santiago Huckleberry, and Panjore Lychee to Japanese Plum Bloom, Moso Bamboo and Baltic Amber, these glorious fragrances will gently waft by them, allowing them to wind down and transfix on the flickering flame. Aaaah.

Deep Waver Iron

Every day can feel like summer with this awesome tool that sculpts your hair into the beachy waves reminiscent of days spent by the ocean. And this deep-grooved waves generator heats up to 400 degrees to ensure that these tousled waves don't turn into tiny ripples too soon.

Facial Steamer

All your *pore* friends with clogged skin will love this luxury spa gift! A three-in-one facial steamer/humidifier/towel-warmer will help them loosen the muck in their pores while treating themselves to luxurious warmth. This new type of steamer generates nano-ionic steam -- negatively charged ionic particles. Combined with ionic water particles, this steamer is up to 10x more effective than others in penetrating the dermis. It even comes with a blackhead- and blemish-extractor kit! Their skin will be so glowy, you'll start calling them fancy face.

Eyebrow Razors

Every now and again, our eyebrows need a good clean up. This highly affordable stainless steel tool makes it easy to eliminate those fine hairs that crop up and detract from the shapely beauty of the brow. Be careful, though, this tool is so handy that the men in the house might try to manscape with it because, Pssst… it also works on the neck and face as well as un-necessary hairs elsewhere.


Silk Pillowcase Set

Newest obsession: silk pillowcases. Did you know these pillowcases provide less friction on skin and hair which prevents irritation or damage, they're a way cleaner sleep surface AND they're way less drying for your skin or hair. Overall, they're a game changer and a perf gift for your bestie who wants to get her beauty sleep. Literally.

SMEG Toaster

Okay... HI. How cute is this SMEG toaster!!! Totally get that a toaster might seem like a pretty random gift, but we had to add it to our holiday gift guide. Can you image the kitchen glow-up with this toaster added to it? All you need next is a pink fridge and you're set.

Cosori Air Fryer

I absolutely love my air fryer. I can cook veggies in minutes or make sweet potato fries totally guilt-free. It's one of those appliances that you might not think is super necessary, but once you have one, you don't know how your kitchen didn't have one before. I love this one because it's super easy to use, not too big and looks super sleek.

Olaplex Hair Set

All the hair self-care! Okay so I struggle with my hair sometimes (as you guys know, washing is kept v minimal) and overall I struggle with dryness cause from my hypo. I am absolutely loving Olaplex products, they keep my hair so soft and shiny and tbh I don't think I'll ever stop using it. This hair set is such a great gift for any babe in your life who wants to up their hair game!

Happy Holidays Babe!

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