Hip Dip Tips


Hips workout. Let's talk hip dips.

Remember when everyone was obsessed with thigh gaps in 2014?! That was fun? Hip dips are the thigh gap of 2018. Personally when I first heard this term, I thought people were talking about the plank exercise we do sometimes…?

But no. The term hip dips refers to something totally different in this case. lol.

SOS IDK What Hip Dips Are?

Also called violin hips, hip dips are the term for the indent between where your hips end and your thighs begin.Some women have them, some don't.Some women have very prominent ones, some can mostly be hidden by hiking up your bikini bottoms. NBD, tbh. Nothing to panic over.

It's just a part of women's anatomy. Sometimes it's literally just a matter of angles. I personally don't have really prominent hip dips, but in this pic, you can totally see it a little bit!

Why do you have them?

Prob because your mom had hip dips..it's soooo genetic, babe! Usually it happens when you have high, wide hips — which means you probably have long legs, so ummmm that's incredible. Plus, hips get wider as you get older, especially after a baby or something. It's really just a matter of where your muscles and bones attach.

Hip dips have nothing to do with weight, and everything to do with body structure. In fact, if you do have hip dips, it's usually because you're lacking fat in the area. Rounder hips usually correspond to more fat deposits in the area. So again…such a win!

What can I do!?

You can reeeelax! Because it's just a part of your body and you should love your body. Your body is freakin' amazing. It is so strong, beautiful, and powerful. Give it the respect it deserves!

Also. YOU GUYSSSSS! Kourtney has them. Kendall has them. Bella has them. Freakin' Marilyn Monroe had them. Hip dips are just something you're gonna have or not — all based on genetics. And seriously – do you look at Kendall or Bella and go, ew look at those hip dips? Nope! THEY'RE SUPERMODELS! And TBH: they probably have struggled looking in the mirror at their own hip dips or other "problem" areas over the years… because women are hard on themselves and it's got to stop!

BASICALLY: Hip dips happen

So do many other "problem zones".But this isn't something to fixate on! Instead, work on making your body stronger than it was yesterday. And work on loving it more than you did yesterday, too! In the end, that's all we can do.

All that said, there are some exercises you can do to tackle the area and work to grow the gluteus medius (the muscle between your hip + thigh). This muscle is tricky to grow because usually your gluteus maximus jumps in to take on the hard work. But it's totally doable with the right focus. And with the help of your booty bands (truly just the MVP's we all need in our lives)…girl, You'll be rocking that sleek silhouette in no time. I made an entire video for lower body problem zones, so you'll find all the key moves there.

Moral of the story: for every insecurity you have, you have 10 amazing qualities that other people wish they had. Don't sweat the small stuff — save it for your daily workout?

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