How To Have A Healthy And Fun Spring Break


Healthy spring break. Healthy Spring break is upon us!

This issucha fun time of year but sometimes it can be a littletoofun if you know what I mean. Drinking, day drinking, meals out, more drinking… you know. And somehow the workouts you're used to doing… wellllllll. Not so much.?

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You girls know that LSF isallabout that #LiveGuiltlesslifestyle. And you also know I've been taking what seems like a million vacations lately, so I feel I am kinda a pro at this point.? I've got some seriously awesome easy ways to help you have an amazing spring break that is also healthy. Yes, itcanbe done.

My Go-To Tips

Location, location, location…


When picking a vacayspot, be smart! Pick a place that makes you want to get outside andmove! That can be anything from surfing to hiking to yoga… anything! Plus, what a great way to get to know the ins and outs of where you're staying. Which leads me to…

Who run the world?

Take a run or walk to check out what's around you! It's seriously myfavoriteway to get comfortable in a new area and see what spots I want to go check out later — when I'mnotsweaty. The first thing that I do when we land and get settled somewhere is taking a run.?It helps me get the lay of the land, shake off the jet lag and find the coolest, cutest spots that otherwise I'd probably never find! Win-win-win!

Hydration Station?

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! I mean, this goes without saying since you should always be drinking dat water. It is just a good thing to do for your body always, always, but on Spring break, with all the sun, meals out, and drinking. Yeesh. You gotta stay on top of those ozsand it'ssoeasy to forget when you're out of your routine. Trust me– been there, done that. And felt the hangover extra strong the next day.?

Don't sweat it… Team LSF has gotchu, girl! Wejustreleased the new and improved Day Drinking Water Bottle! It has all the cute, motivational phrases that get you to drink the water from the original bottle, but in a more convenient size. Toss that in your gym bag, in your carry-on, even in your purse. It'll fit and it'll get you pumped to stay hydrated!

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Crunches Before Cocktails

Get your sweat on first thing in the AM. That meansbeforeyou start mimosas at brunch. It'll make sure you get your sweat on since there's no time for excuses. Up and attem and sweat it out! It'll help you make better decisions all day, too. It's a real thing — I swear!

Some of the better decisions you can (should) make throughout the day include picking therightcocktails. Skip the syrups and fresh fruits… go for simple, and clear. My fave go-to cocktail is LSF approvedand good for vacation or just an at-home Friday night.

You know I'm trying to make this part as painless and FUN as possible, so here's a printable workout for you to take with you on Spring Break. No wifi, no equipment, no problem! Especially for those of you traveling to resorts with gyms, a video may not always be ideal, but this printable will keep you on track no matter what. And if you love this….girl, you're going to love my Hot Body Sweat Guides!

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Best of Both Worlds

It's so important to me that you girls don't feel like you've gotta give up all fun because you're committed to a healthier lifestyle. Nuh-uh! Not on my watch, girl! You reallycanhave it all! A healthy life that is freakin' fun! That is literally what LSF is all about. Have fun, make healthy choices, and just # LiveGuiltless!?

What are your fave Spring break vacay spots? What are your go-to tips to enjoy vacation without losing track of your goals? Drop a comment below? and share the love with @teamlsfand @lovesweatfitnesson Insta!

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