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Haircare haircare. When you spend most days in the gym getting sweaty, hair options are a bit limited!

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These 3 are my typical go-to's when it comes to getting "my look." I get asked a lot, what my haircare routine is and honestly it can be hard to figure out what to do with that post-gym sweat ball. Washing your hair every day can cause over-drying and damage, which has forced me to figure out other options.

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I typically have a Monday & Friday wash schedule. Yep. I only wash my hairtwicea week! Granted, I have reasonably dry hair and can get away with it, but most hairstylist will agree, every 2-3 days is best! I've got it down to an art now and my routine definitely saves time, energy and serious hair stress.

Gym Girl Haircare: Products are Your Friend!

These are my 4 must have products that I cannot live without

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1.Great shampoo & conditioner 2. The right brush 3. Good dry shampoo 4. Bobby Pins

Choosing the Right Wash:

This is number 1 for a reason. Our skin is our largest organ and we work so hard to make sure we are putting healthy foods into our bodies, but what aboutontothem? Like your skin, your hair and scalp will absorb products into the bloodstream so it's HUGELY important to consider what's in them.

I always look for shampoo & conditioner's that are made with minimal ingredients and preferable organic ones. TruSelf Organics Restorativeshampoo and conditioner is my absolute favorite for every day use. After they sent me some samples to try, I can't get enough of them. It's completely organic and I've honestly never been able to brush out my hair without detangler until I started using it! I've also noticed it doesn't leave build-up or make my hair feel dry and crunchy afterwards, like others I've tried.

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Nothing else even comes close in my opion. Again, my hair is really dry normally and this has been some serious hair therapyfor me. Plus… it smells really yummy

Brushing out

You can find these weird little brushes everywhere now. They are the BEST for gently combing through your hair without causing breaking or damage. This is also going to help with the whole "not washing your hair for days" thing. You just have to get one. You'll thank me later.

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Mid-week clean up

So obviously you don't want your hair getting all nasty throughout the week and it's hard to avoid the sweat from working out. When I shower off I will rinse the edges of my hairline with water (where most of the sweating happens). After my shower I blow-dry the wet parts, comb it out and spry my roots with dry shampoo. This helps eliminate oils and also can help add volume. Bonus!

Buns for Days

Ok, so it doesn't always look phenomenal, but wrapping your hair up in a loose bun at night will keep your skin clear and give your hair a little shape in the morning. You don't want that dirty-ish mane rubbing all over your pillows at night. That's how breakouts happen. Instead, flip over, twist it like a little troll doll, wrap it in a bun and hold it in place with 4-5 bobby pins (maybe more if you have super thick hair).

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When you wake up, take the pins out, brush through andvoila!You may need to give it a little curl or hairspray, but you should be pretty good to go without much prep-time.


Even the sweatiest of gym babes deserves good hair! This is by far the best routine I've tried, but I want to know your little secrets too! Anything that you swear by? Also, you've got to let me knowif you give TueSelf Organicsa try as well, I know you will love it!

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