Get Out Of A Workout Rut With New LSF Gear!

cute workout equipment

I don't know what it is about November. I think there's this hype about the holidays paired with the sluggishness that comes with winter and the sun setting so gosh darn early. Whatever it is, I know it can be extra hard to motivate yourself to work out this time of year.

And that gets even harder if you feel like you're in a workout rut. When you're not seeing gains — or you're just super bored during your workouts —it's so much harder to want to get your sweat on!

Girl, I feel you. I have been in my fair share of workout ruts. The good news? I know how to get out of them! Let's talk about what's helped me in the past.

Get out of a rut with our new, cute workout equipment!

New gear, new me.

No, seriously. I've found that just changing up what equipment I'm using makes my workouts so much more interesting. And it helps me work my muscles in different ways so I can see even better results!

cute workout equipment

To see change, switch it up. To switch it up, get geared up. That's why — as you've prob noticed — we're offering more cute workout equipment than ever before.

Hopefully, you've already peeped our resistance bands and our new foam roller. But it's like, why stop there? So we're rolling out even more cute workout equipment! This gives you a way to change it up so your bod can try something new.

cute workout equipment

And don't worry. You won't need a ton of storage or space. I'm all about stuff that's easy to store and easy to use. So I've got two small pieces of cute workout equipment that will give you BIG results. I'm super excited to introduce you to the brand NEW LSF GEAR! We've got:

Resistance tube bands

TRX ain't got nothin' on us! The resistance booty bands we already have are so great for working your legs and that booty, but we don't want to leave your arms hanging! So we're launching these new tube bands.

Of course, I made sure they fit the cute workout equipment vibe. But they'll also give you plenty of resistance to work those muscles. If you're ready to join the no-dumbells club, babe, these are for you!

Slider discs

cute workout equipment

Oooooh, girl, are you going to feel it with these! Seriously, all you need is these super-small slider discs and a hard floor and you can kick your workouts into high gear!

We're going to be #LSFslidingintotheholidays with these bad boys.

If you're not sure how to use slider discs or tube bands, I've got you. Here's a full-body workout you can get in with this new, cute workout equipment! Plus there are brand new workout videos in the LSF App using the new gear, check them out!

Get your sweat on with this workout using LSF Gear

Mountain Climbers x30

Pike x15

Row + leg lift x8 each side

Bicep curl + squat x12

Other ways to get out of a workout rut

Okay, on top of getting the cute workout equipment you need to switch it up and break out of your rut, I've got a few of other tips for you.

Get a friend involved.

I know you all are #LSFupforthechallenge! But I also know that workout ruts are real. That's why I love having my girls to call on for accountability. If you're struggling to get your sweat on consistently, find a friend with similar fitness goals. You can work out together, or you can just text each other each day to check in. Knowing that someone else is going to ask if you worked out might be the push you need. Plus, it's so fun to cheer each other on! If you guys are game, you can even set workout schedules for each other. Trying out your friend's routine can be a fun change of pace!

Sign up for something.

I know I work way harder when I'm prepping for something. Maybe you sign up for a 5k or a yoga retreat. Or, heck, maybe you just book a vacation where you know you'll be wearing a swimsuit. Having a date on the calendar when you know you want your body to be its best is super motivating. Knowing the event's coming up can help you stay focused and can remind you why you're working out in the first place.

Track it.

The LSF app is here for you, friend! Use it to keep track of the workouts you're doing and how you're feeling afterward. I notice that I get in a workout rut when I'm doing the same thing over and over —but sometimes it's hard to notice that you've developed a pattern. Mark your workouts and keep an eye on how you feel before and after each. If you notice that something different helps you feel more energized, work more of it into your routine. I'm telling you, switching it up is the best way to bust out of a workout rut!

Move locations.

Speaking of switching it up, your workout rut might be linked to quarantine. When you're spending more time at home than usual and then adding at-home workouts on top of that, it's easy to feel a little stagnant. So change up your view! Move to a different room or, better yet, head to the closest park. The fresh air and vitamin D from the sunshine can help you feel extra awesome post-workout.

Pump those tunes.

Are workouts even fun without a great playlist? Make a playlist of all of your favorite bangers. You'll look forward to listening to it so much that you'll have an extra dose of motivation to get your sweat on.

Get that cute workout equipment ready, use these tips, and let's slay the rest of the year! I can't wait to see you girls #LSFgearedup!

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