Free September Calendar


September calendar. Failure to plan is planning to fail.

As they say, anyway. We're actually totally on board with this cliche.

We love a spontaneous plan. We really, really do. There's nothing quite like a last-minute weekend getaway or a random happy hour with your bestie.

But there's one key place we don't recommend leaving it all to chance: your fitness goals.

Let's be real…how many days have you woken up really feeling excited to exercise? How many times have you been ordering at your favorite restaurant dying for the healthy salad over the fries you've been craving all week? We're guessing that even the Early Birds out there still have to give themselves a pep talk from time to time.

So, the trick is to PLAN.

To be intentional about your time and schedule your success. The best way to do that? A CUTE AF calendar.

Basically what we're saying is: whip out the stickers, dig out the Crayolas, maybe get some glitter? Just a suggestion. A really good suggestion.

September calendar

Post ALL your pics of your cute cals on your LSF Instagram this week!! We literally cannot wait to see. Bonus: everyone else will know your fitness goals too, so that's like 10000x the accountability?

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