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fitness shoes. Alright… You guys know my love for fitness shoes is real.

If you follow me on SnapChat {LoveSweatAndFit} you've seen these little gems and I may have also bought them in lime green! ( by "may" I mean I absolutely did!)

I'm constantly on the hunt for fun new trainers that are both comfortable and super cute –obvi –but it's a lot harder than it seems. One of the best pairs I've found recently where the Puma ones I showed you guys a few weeks ago.

I think I'll do a post on the best shoes for each type of workout for you girls soon. It would definitely help you navigate the millions that are out there! Unfortunately, there's not reallyoneperfect shoe for everything, but there are some awesome cross-trainers that do alright with most workouts.

Anyway… I have a problem and it's not excessive shoe buying. I feel like the shoes (at least some of these crazy colored ones) are obnoxiously clean and almost embarrassing to actually wear. On the flip side,I also don't want to get them dirty and ruin them. haha …I know, it's ridiculous.

I have several pairs that are literally sitting in my closet looking pretty, but feeling real lonely. We all know they were meant for so much more! So today I decided it's time to get over it and start wearing them! It's really not fair to keep them locked up in there:)

I literally put them on and took them back off yesterday, but no more! FREETHE SHOES!

I'll for sure share them on SnapChat for you when Iactuallywear them. Maybe I'll even do a YouTubecloset tour? Let me know if you'd want to see that madness. I'm at 17 and counting… and that's just the trainers. {I've got 99 problems, but a shoe ain't one} They just make me feel happy when I put them on andwaymore motivated to get to work!

Here's a few of my favorites. Some I have and some I "need" stat! Click on the shoes and scroll down to see them all! Comment or Snap me with your faves! Can't wait to hear which ones you LOVE!


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