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Cheat Meal cheat meal. What's the deal with these "fit" girls and their fatty pizza obsession!?

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE pizza! There aren'tmany people who don't, but I am getting so sick of every other photo or meme on social media being about cheat meals; especially pizza!

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Nothing makes me more annoyed then when I'm scrolling though Instagram and see one of thosebikini competitor girlsdowning a massive oooy gooy pizza. Not because they can't have a little cheat now and then, but because it sends the absoluteWRONGmessage to the average girl!


It's like those nasty Carls Jr. commercials that completely sexualize their burgers. Two problems. A. There is nothing sexy about a burger. B. Those girls definitely do NOT eat those in real life. It makes women think,"well… that girl is eating it, why shouldn't I?" Well…

♥ Fast Food chain restaurants make thingscompletely unhealthy. I mean literally, there is nothing ok about them. The types of ingredients theyuseand the ways they prepare their food is terrible. Pizza is filled with simple carbohydrates (not the good carbs), loads of fattening cheese and usually topped with a mix of greasy meats (aka pepperoni).

♥ You probably didn't spend 2-3 hours at the gym everyday this week lifting crazy weights and doingintense cardio sessions. Sure, that disgusting piece, or 5, might not be detrimental to that girls goals, but unless you're eating their strict regimented diet and working out at that level, it sure will be to yours.


The continuous posting about their ridiculous 1,000 calorie+ cheat meals, tells the average women that they shoulddo the same, and it's just not the case. This glorification of bad eating has to stop. It basically says, "work really hard and take care of your body so that later you can destroy it in a matter of minutes. Yay!"

You girls know I am all about balance. Of course you can indulge here and there. Life happens. But why would set yourself up for failure butplanninga cheat day? Not to mention you almost alwaysend up feeling terribly guilty after a cheat, even when it was planned. You know your body deserves better!

Fatty obsessions cheatmeal

Women get wrapped up in the fitness scene, wanting to emulate the girls they see. So they plan cheat days, have extra "oops" cheats and then don't work out. 99% of women can not maintain the level of fitness those girls do. It's there job. I know they don't realize how detrimental their posts can truly be to the average women, but I really wish they did.

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Most of these fit girls live and die by their "macros" or macronutrients (protein, fat & carbs). They break down how many grams of protein, fat and carbohydrates their bodies need each day to reach their fitness goals. This way of eating in and of itself can be really helpful for anyone. The problem is that this means, in order to make sure they stick to their macros, they don't eat properly all day so that they can indulge in that pizza later.

It's basically like Weight-Watchers where women will save all their "points" in order to enjoy that cake and glass of wine at the end of the day. So not ok! I will say though thatfocusing on macros is much more helpful then calories alone.


Food is FUEL! It nourishes your body. It give you the energy and strength you need, not just to workout, but to make it through each day! It has much more of an effect on your body than just the outwardly appearance, so eat well! Don't let these fit girls and their greasy pizza get you off track.

You have to checkout this pizza guidebefore you even think about having a slice.

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