February #LSFloveon Abs Challenge

Abs challenge. Are you ready to get your love on?

This month's abs challenge is all about loving your body and embracing every inch! The focus: ABS! Every February we do an Abs challenge to tone and tighten up for spring!

If you are looking to get fit for spring break, join #teamlsf and download your Hot Body Sweat Guide& Meal Planfirst! These are going to be your best tools to reach your goals and get the body your deserve!

The LSF Challenges are a great way to boost your results by adding a little extra push each day! Listen to your body, do what you can and remember,Good Things Come to Those Who Sweat!

Print Your Calendar & Post A Photo!

I want you to show me you're in! Post a pic on IG with your calendar & use the hashtags

#lsfloveon #lovesweatfitness #teamlsf

The more you post, the more we can all support and encourage you in your health and fitness journey!

14 Day Abs Challenge

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Below is a playlist w/ every workout from your calendar. Use this playlistfor quick access to all your workouts this month!


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