Adding A Spark To My Workout | Fitness Tracker Test


Fitness Tracker. I didn't use a fitness tracker during my workouts for the longest time.

The biggest reason was because most of them measure inaccurately, some evenoverestimate calorie burn by up to 23%. Talk about a let down. Your like, "YES! 600 calories…I can totally have fro-yo." Only to find out you really burned 450. I mean… not bad, but there goes dessert.

I know a lot of companies are trying perfect them and I'm going to be sharing the best of the best with you! If you follow on SnapChat {LoveSweatAndFit} you've seen themost recent fitness tracker I've been testing out and let me tell you…It's a goodie!

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The TomTom SparkGPS Fitness Watch team asked me to put their tracker to the test and it definitely made my workout better than usual. The first thing I LOVED was the music feature.You can download over 500 songs right to the watch. Plus it comes with wireless headphones. Yay! No more flying phone when my arm catches the headphone cord mid sprint.This happens pretty much every day!

Knowing many trackers are less than perfect, finding one thatison point is important. To test out the accuracy, I used a traditional chest heart rate monitor (usually the most accurate) first and then the TomTom.I did the same exercises, for the same length of time, to see how many calories were burned. They were almost identical! Sold.

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I also love the sleek black design. It's just super clean and goes with all of my fun workout gear. It easily pops apart to charge and download your music and stats.

Besides workouts, it tracks your daily activity…even sleep. You can set it for freestyle gym workouts, set goals to help motivate yourself and even set it to work into different intensity zones (sprints, endurance, fat burn etc.)Seriously tons of options, but super easy to figure out. Plus it will upload all your info straight to the app so you can store your workouts and track your progress.

Best part about it…it's waterproof! Perfect so my sweaty little self doesn't mess up the trackingandno unexplainable rashes like some other trackers out there.#winning

I'm loving this watch and definitely recommend the TomTomto anyone looking for a smart, easy way to track their workouts and daily activity! Keep an eye out for morefitness tracking adventures on Snap!


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