Everything You Need To Know About The Guiltless Nutrition | Lifestyle + Recipe Book


Recipe book. I am so excited to announce that the NEW Guiltless Nutrition Guide is FINALLY here!


This is something that I have been working on and perfecting now for over a year! It is a guide that I created for you based on my own personal experience and extensive education. It is what I live by and believe in and I know you will too!

If you've followed Love Sweat Fitness since the beginning you know that we had an old version of the guide. A simple "How To" for clean eating. It was great, but just scratched the surface on everything I wanted to share and you wanted to hear!

The coolest part of TeamLSF is getting to connect with you girls. You share what you're struggling with and what motivates you, what you need more of, less of and what you want to see from Love Sweat Fitness. Well, I listened and the NEW Guiltless Nutrition | Lifestyle + Recipe Book is the answer!

Why You Need This EBook

recipe book

Heres the deal…fad diets don't work! Trust me, I've tried them all. They are completely impractical, you are usually required give up foods you like and aren't given REAL, healthier options you can enjoy. Sometimes they even ask you to give up entire food groups all at once in order to lose weight. Diets like these leave you feeling constantly deprived, stressed out and guilty about everything you even think about eating.

The Guiltless Nutrition Guide is going to change all of that for you. Withover 110 delicious, simple to make recipes(including cocktails and desserts!) plus my Lifestyle Makeover Plan, you'll find it easy to live a healthy balanced lifestyle, 100% guilt-free!

Just a little of what's inside….

It starts with the LSF lifestyle makeover & finishes with dozens of incredible delicious recipes for every meal. Giving you my foolproof plan to make healthy living EASY for anyone! The key is making it work for YOU, not the other way around, and this guide will show you how to do that.

Some of the Goodness You'll Get…

  • Grocery Guide
  • Grocery Shopping Tips to Save Money
  • Meal Prep Made EASY
  • Cooking 101
  • How to Cut Cravings
  • How to Eat Out & Stay on Track
  • How to Stay Fit on Vacation(and still have fun!)
  • Pre + Post Workout Snacks
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Desserts, Drinks & Snack Recipes


recipe book

I♥ Food

You guys- I LOVE food!Throughout my own lifestyle makeover I've realized what an important role it plays in our lives. Of course it impacts how we look, but it also has a massive effect on how we feel mentally, emotionally and physically.

My guide is going teach you the way to make "bad" foods better. It's all about learning how to make, or order, delicious meals that fuel your body without sacrificing taste.

Do you ever feel like you run out of healthy recipes to make? Need more variety? Or don't even know what a healthy recipe should look like? With over 110 recipes in this guide, you'll always have plenty of delicious healthy variety for every meal! I'm talking burgers, bowls, tacos, chocolate pudding, margaritas and more!

Transform Your Lifestyle

Big drastic changes to your lifestyle are not the way to go.Remember what we said about the fad diets?ThisEbook gives you the tools to create new healthy habits that will give you a completeLifestyle Makeover so you can live a healthy happy life and love your body doing it!

What is a "Lifestyle Makeover"?

Just what it sounds like, but unlike a typical makeover that is all about physical appearance, a lifestyle makeover starts on the inside.It's about taking your already amazing self, and making healthy changes in order to feel and look better from the inside out.

Every makeover has two things in common: An incredible team with all the tools you need to help you find your beautiful confident self AND someone who is ready to make a change.

You've got the team!

TeamLSFhas your back girl. We are here to support and encourage you on the good days and the tough ones. No matter where you're at in the world, you can feel confident knowing that you always have strong support system here for you!

You've got the tools!

Think of this book as your personal assistant, ready to show you step by step how to create your new healthy self. Just like a normal makeover, we are going to do the heavy lifting and allow you to enjoy the results.

All You Need is YOU!

We know yourready to take the first step towards finding your healthy happy hot body and living your best life. All you need to do is say YES!

recipe book

I have the HBMP, Do I Need This Too?

If you already have the 4 Week Hot Body Meal Planyou are ahead of the game. The HBMP is the perfect way to jumpstart weight loss, lean up and learn what the perfect balance of foods for your body looks like.

The Hot Body Meal Plan is a true meal plan with 5 simple to prepare and delicious meals laid out for you each day so you don't have to think twice about what you're eating.

The Guiltless Nutrition Guide | Lifestyle + Recipe Bookis so much more and definitely aMUST HAVEfor everyone!

It is perfect for those of you looking for more delicious recipes and the tools you need to maintain your healthy lifestyle after completing the Hot Body Meal Plan. These two guides together are an incredibly powerful life changing combination!

It's also perfect for someone just starting out. Looking for a realistic approach to healthy living. Someone who wants to make healthy changes that are practical so they can easily integrate them into their life and maintain them over time.

So basically, yah… You definitely need it!!

Get it together girlfriend! No seriously, if you get all 3 guides together you save loads of cash money and will have the ultimate lifestyle makeover survival kit. Everything you need in one spot. You'll get the8 Week Hot Body Sweat Guideto get your body toned, the4 Week Hot Body Meal Planto shed any extra lbs so you can see those abs start poppin' and theGuiltless Nutrition Lifestyle + Recipe Bookto give you all the noms and everything you need to know to live a healthy and SUPER FUN LSF babe lifestyle!

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