Day In My Life | Weekend Edition


day in my life

Hi friends!

I haven't sat down to just check in for loooong time, but I've been feeling like I wanted to just say hi so here we are. Last weekend I filmed a day in my life vlog and I'm so excited to see what you think.

When I started my youtube channel it was all workouts all the time. I quickly realized, while workouts are great, I was missing out on getting to connect with you all on a deeper level. You always had so many amazing questions about my nutrition and routines and I'm so happy you've loved seeing more of that type of content on there. Plus, getting my full step-by-step training program and the full video library in LSF the App is WAY better!

My #1 priority ALWAYS is to share things that YOU find helpful. I know first hand how challenging it was to navigate everything during my own weight loss journey and my goal is that I can help make it way easier for you!

Anyway, really just wanted to say THANK YOU for all your love and support and for embracing these vlogs! Let me know what you want to see more of on my channel and drop any questions you have in the comments! As always, I so appreciate your likes, shares, and subscribing to my channel - it hoenstly means the world to me!

xo Katie

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