Crush Your Goals & Win Big!


crush your goals

Starting a new routine can be super hard.

I used to always pump myself up to try "the next thing". Super excited to start and then incredibly discouraged when it didn't work...again. Feeling motivated is half the battle, always.

My past fears, "failures", and insecurities made me feel like it wasn't worth trying anymore, but I promise it is!

If I would have let that stop me, I never would have lost 45lbs, found my purpose, or started Love Sweat Fitness!

I wanted to do something special to make sure you knew just how much I want you to succeed and give you the support you need to throw away those fears and jumpstart your new healthy lifestyle!

This year will be different. If you haven't joined the LSF 30 challenge yet, join here.

Together we will crush your New Year's Resolution goals so you can win big!

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Win $1500 Cash

The LSF 30 challenge is focused on YOU and to make sure you feel motivated, I'm giving everyone an additional 30 Days for FREE just for staying committed daily and a chance to win the GRAND PRIZE, $1,500 cash!

That way, after you crush your goals in January you're already set up to keep your workouts consistent in February without costing you anything, except those extra pounds you'll lose :)

When you finish the challenge you'll share your experience, complete your LSF App calendar and progress photos with me for a chance to win the $1,500 cash!

Here's what you need to do to get started

  • Download LSF the App
    • Log your workouts every day in the app to fill out your January calendar
    • Doing this will help you solidify the importance of moving your body as part of your daily routine
  • Post your "I Choose Me" graphic
    • This is in your free motivational ebook
    • Post it on instagram and tag me @lovesweatfitness so I know you're in! Creating your own LSF IG is a great way to get started. (I like lsf_*NAME* for you)
  • Take "before photos"
    • Photos tell you so much more than a scale ever could! I know this can feel overwhelming at first - and you don't need to share them yet - but you WILL want them. You'll be shocked at the changes you'll see in just 30 days!
    • Learn how to take the best ones here

I truly do these giveaways as a way to help you get motivated to start.

I know the emotional toll this can take and I want to make it at least a little easier for you to say yes, and CHOOSE YOU!

Make sure you're following me on Instagram and join my LSF 30 text club because I'll be doing secret giveaways on text all month long just for being a part of the challenge!

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