Christmas Decor Ideas


Christmas decor. So this might seem a little random, but OMG you guys! I've been getting SOOOOO much feedback from you all about our Christmas decorations for Sleigh the Holiday.

We had a ton of fun getting this whole scene ready for you, so I wanted to give you all the info you need to recreate this in your own home. Best news ever? Every single thing I used came from Hobby Lobby, Target, World Market, and Walmart. Keep reading for my girly, trendy holiday decor inspo for your #TeamLSF Christmas.

So fun and girly, right?!

The Tree

First things first, because this is what most of you want to know about! I got the tree from Walmart on sale! The best part is it comes pre-lit, AND it matches everything. The white tree effect feels a little more trendy than traditional, which I thought was really fun.

We live in California, so we wanted to get the flowers all fresh. To be honest, this probably would be cheaper! But I wanted it to last longer, so we went the silk floral route. All of these were bought from Hobby Lobby. We didn't even cut the stems, so it was SO crazy simple. You literally just stick the flower stem through the tree branches and arrange into the shape you want.

The key is making sure you have a color scheme ahead of time. I wanted kinda a rainbow situation, but honestly, we tried that at first and it was just way too much. So then I narrowed it down to Pink, Orange, Yellow, and Green and arranged it in a gradient on the floor before I started putting them on the tree.

I also think this would not work if you just put flowers all over the place, distributed evenly. It really needs to have the garland look to be trendy and not cheesy, in my opinion.

This was SO fun, and I highly recommend waiting for silk floral sales at Hobby Lobby or Michael's, because I got all of these for 50% off!

The Mantle

Ok, so this was my personal favorite part because it still has that classic Christmas vibe, while also being fresh and modern. These candles and mini trees are both from World market, and the globe lights are from the $4 section at Target! I got three of them (don't forget batteries!) and they are still going strong. The white pom pom garland is from Hobby Lobby, and just added such a fun winter vibe.

From there, it's just about preference! I arranged it all on the mantle, kinda randomly actually, and then taped the garland down. The more candles, the better!

Here are the links:

The Ornaments

So these are the BEST and easiest DIY decorations for a Christmas party. I found the tutorial here at Oh Happy Day (she's always got the best crafts and tutorials!). Check it out here!

She actually tapes them down to her table for a tablescape, but I wanted to hang them up! So just make sure the hot glue is really on there so that it will stay up. All you need is balloons in your preferred color (I chose pink and green!), mirror paper (easy to get at a craft store), and hot glue. From there, it's just cutting and gluing and hanging them up! Very festive and fun, and perfect for a more modern Christmas vibe.

Other than that, I also picked up some new home decor from World Market to add even more trendy, festive vibes. It's nice that these pieces are cozy but a little more neutral, because I'll be able to use these all winter long, even when the holidays are over. Way less expensive that way!

Coral and Gold Throw Pillow

Geometric Print Blanket

I had a ton of fun with this decor set-up, and I wanna know what you think! Comment below with your favorite Christmas decor, and make sure to tag me in your pics on Instagram if you try any of these in your own house.

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