Busy Week Workout Schedule Printable


workout printable. "I'm too busy" might as well be the official cliché excuse of millennials everywhere.

Someone wants to have coffee, but you literally don't have a free afternoon until mid-November. You're trying to schedule a weekend getaway, but the chances of that are slim-to-none through January. A real vacation?LOL.Talk to you in 2021. But the truth is that everyone says it because it's honestly pretty accurate.

While coffee dates and getaways are (arguably) non-essentials, self-care is NOT. If you go dark on all your wellness habits until 2020, not only are you going to feel pretty "blah" for your office holiday party, but building that New Years resolution momentum is going to be a major struggle. I repeat,majorstruggle.

Print it out, Hang it up, Sweat it out.

To get through those truly insane weeks when we can barely keep our heads above water, we stick to this 7-day busy week workout printable schedule. Just enough to maintain your fitness levels, get some endorphins pumping, and release some stress; short enough to do in around 10 minutes a day. Might be an intense 10—but hey, you are too!

Busy babe workout plan

Quick tips for busy babe

Plank to squat:Start in a full high plank position. Jump your feet forward, bringing your hands to heart center, lifting your chest as you sit low in a squat. Plant your hands and hop back into a high plank. Repeat moving quickly.

High-knee lunge jumps:Start standing. Moving quickly, drive your right knee toward your chest, then your left. Repeat this four times, then do two lunge jumps. That's one rep.

Mountain climber burpee:Start in a high plank. Drive your right knee toward your left elbow, then your left knee toward your right elbow. That's one mountain climber. Repeat eight times, then complete one burpee. That's one rep.

Inchworm:Start standing. Hinge from your hips and bend over to lower your hands onto the ground. Walk your hands forward until you are in a high plank. Begin to your walk hands back and come back to standing.

Tricep Reachover:Start standing or in a bridge position. Hold one weight with both hands behind your head. Elbows in toward your head. Lower weight to back of neck, then up to the sky.

Pushers:Start lying on your back. Bend your left knee, flexing your foot and placing your left hand on your thigh. Press your hand into your thigh to create tension. Place your right hand behind your head and lift your right leg to slightly hover. Engage your core as you lift and twist your right elbow toward your left knee. Lower to starting and repeat.

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