I Tried Acupuncture!

So you might know that when it comes to wellness, I’ve been all across the map. I’ve tried tons of homeopathic remedies, LOTS of traditional medical solutions, and plenty of things in between. Acupuncture is one of those treatments that comes up constantly…because it’s thousands of years old! And while I have previously experimented with it (like barely, though), I wanted to really dive in and commit.

Does acupuncture really work? I tried it and made a video about it, so you can see for yourself! Plus, a full body scan that shows how much healthy eating has helped me. Watch all the videos in our WTF Wellness series!

Basically, acupuncture is when you go to a clinic and someone intentionally sticks a bunch of needles in you and let’s them sit there for a while. LOL, ok fine, there’s more to it than that! The idea is that when you put these tiny needles in key points, you open up energy flow, which ultimately brings any healing your body needs to experience. And while, yes, it sounds pretty woo-woo, it has worked for TONS of people.

Watch my newest video for the full experience, including a body scan that our awesome practitioner used to help figure out where we needed the most help!! Would YOU ever try acupuncture? Comment below!

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Briauna Yancey
Briauna Yancey

did you feel a difference in your body, particularly in your digestion after acupuncture?