Build Your Perfect Night Routine

night routine.Nights are getting so short, and it feels so weird.

I love fall so much, but the worst part is feeling like you're lost all this time when the sun goes down before you even get home after your long day!

But it doesn't have to be stressful. I'm sharing my night routine (watch it below!!), but keep on reading for my top tips for creating your own, to avoid anxiety and increase productivity tonight or any night! The perf way to start the holiday season.

By the end of the day, you're basically wiped. But if you dedicate just a little time (think 30-60 min) to relaxation each night, you'll find it's time well spent. Here are my go-to ways to unwind and prep my brain and body for some serious Zzzs.

Get ready for bed EARLY.

Getting ready early is SUCH an important part of keeping nights chill and making sure you get to sleep on time so you're well rested for the next day! You def don't have to go to bed at 9 — but if that's what works for you,do it!

I'm more of a night owl, so my goal is to always be in bed by 12. No, this doesn't always happen, but that's the goal! I usually get a lot of work done late at night, turn that all off at about 11, and then get on my nightly routine. (Here's some more deetson what I do at night.)

No matter what time I'm going to call it a night, I make sure to set aside an hour beforehand. If I try to rush into bed, I get v serious anxiety. And that totally messes up my entire night of sleep. So that hour-ish beforehand is an hour verrrry well spent. It's all about rituals!

Reframe your thoughts

Your brain is your most powerful muscle. When you're stressed, it makes simple tasks seem like an "ugh, I don't wannaaaa" chore, or it can be reframed in a positive light and bring youjoy!

I know so many girls — and I used to be one of them! — hate taking off their makeup and washing their faces at night. They view it as a chore and an obstacle to getting into bed. But if you reframe it as the first and best part of your nightly routine, it seriously makes alllll the difference! Trust.

Set the vibes

I love to put on a chill playlist. It brings a smile to my face and it starts putting me in that relaxation moooood. Now would also be a great time to diffuse essential oils! (I give you my go-to blend below, so keep reading!)

Another great idea is to turn on a podcast while you're doing your skincare routine. It's all about taking time for yourself and making it enjoyable. Treat yo self!

Clean it up

A few things justhaveto get done or my thoughts race once I climb in bed. Trust me, I've tried it. It's awful. So I'm sure to always get this done:

Fresh Soy Cleanser

I don't put soy in my body, but my skin looooves it. I'm pretty dry and this does such a great job of gently removing my makeup and treating my skin well.

Rose toner

Once you remove your makeup, your skin's pH is off. Toner is so important to put it back to its natural state. Plus, rose toner just feels so refreshing. And smells amaze.

Eye cream

No one wants crows feet, right!? Eye cream is a very important part in combating these dreaded signs of aging. My go-to eye cream right now is Fresh Black Tea Age Delay Eye Concentrate.


Our skin takes a beating each day, especially with all the sweating us LSF babes do. We have to hydrate it from the inside (hello, water intake!)andthe outside. My favorite way to do this is with L'Occitane Imortelle Divine Youth Oil and Cream.

Oils are so much easier for our skin to absorb than a lotion, since it's very similar to our natural oils. Then a thicker cream on top and bam. A dewey, moisturized face that's ready for bed!


Ha! Yes, you read that right. Ihaveto do the dishes before I go to bed. Otherwise, I seriously feel anxiety both at bedtime and when I wake up. It's just not pleasant. While I'm at it, I always tidy up the house before bed, too.

So much nicer to wake up to a tidy house than a disaster, right!? Not to mention, our house doubles as LSF HQ, so how embarrassing if I left it a freakin' disaster for the girls to walk into in the am. And counterproductive to a good work day!

You need one form of unwinding every single night

After I check off my nightly to-do list, I really focus on the last steps that reallllly get me relaxed. 100% of the time my nightly winddown includes essential oils. Like, even if I'm super tired after a long day, I reach for the essential oils.

My fave for nighttime is a combo of Lavender Hungary, Peace & Quiet and Tea Tree — all from Rocky Mountain Oils. They're the perfect strength and I can just feel my brain and bodychilllll.


To take it next level and really prep my body to sleep, I do my stretches. Sometimes I'll do a really chill yoga flow to get my head in the right space, too. But no matter how tired I am, I am sure to do my neck stretches. Check them out here! Such an easy, relaxing and v important part of any LSF babe's fitness wind down!

Consider a chillout bath

Something I do maybe weekly is take a nice warm bath with essential oils and salts to relax. Honestly, IDK why I don't do this more. I do change up the oils I use, depending on my mood. If I'm having trouble unwinding, my go-to combo is lavender, sandalwood, and frankincense.

If I'm feeling off and sore from that time of the month, I love peppermint, clove, and cypress. Sore muscles? Gotta go with lavender and peppermint with Epsom salt, sea salt, and baking soda. Muscle relaxation heaven!

If your brainstillwon't settle down

My best trick for this is to make a list. Write down what is bothering you! What are you thinking about? What needs to be accomplished tomorrow? By writing down the thoughts that keep you up, you can "let go" of them without worrying that you're going to forget them! It's a way to press "pause" on that anxious thinking and, with a good night's sleep, you'll be ready to tackle those items tomorrow!

I'd love to know whatyou girls doto unwind for the night! What are your must-dos? Cannot live without products? Share the love, girl! I'm always looking for new ways to help me get my best Zzzs and live my best life!

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