Bikini Burnout | Long Lean Legs


Lean legs workout. I seriously can't even. How is it already Memorial Day Weekend!?

Time's flying, but I'm not mad about being that much closer to summer! Good times & tan lines here we come! This time of year we usually focus on getting our cores tight, but we can't forget about those beautiful legs! Bikini or not, they're going to be out in shorts and dresses, you can't hid them forever babe! This bikini burnout workout is going to tone and tighten your inner and outer thighs to give you the long lean legs you've been dying for all year.

The Workout

4 rounds total

Do each move 15x

Make sure whatever you do on one side of the body, you do on the other.

Grand Plie Squats

Start with feet wider than hip distance, heels in and toes pointed out. Bring weight into your heels as you bend your knees toward 90 degrees.

Inner Thigh Leg Lift

Start lying on your side. Bend your top leg placing the foot in front of the bottom leg knee. Flex the bottom foot and lift through the heel engaging the inner thigh.

Curtsey Kick

Start with a slight bend in standing leg. Bring opposite leg behind bending into the knee as you lower into a curtsey squat. Push to standing as you kick your leg out to the side.

Side Pass Extension

Start in on your side body. Bend your knee to bring the toes to the opposite knee then extend the leg long and lower.

Now go rock those legs and have the best holiday weekend ever! Summer's coming!



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