Best Swimsuits For Your Body


best swimsuits for your body. We know we're all gorgeous, but we're definitely not all the same!

Swimsuits For Every Body

And whatever the media would like you to believe, a size 0 in everything is not always best. Talking about how to dress for our varying bodies isn't often done, but it's so important to do because healthy looks different on everyone!

One of the trickiest areas of this is finding a swim suit that works for your specific body. It's so not as simple as eyeballing your size and grabbing it off the rack! For example, I normally mix and match the sizes of my tops and bottoms, because my specific body at its healthiest and most fit isn't the shape of a green bean.

Because we want you to feel as good as you look, we've put together a basic guide to finding the right kind of swimsuit for your beautiful bod!

You've been working your booty off during the Summer Shape Upand those LSF App workoutsaren't easy , so take notes and treat yourself to new bikini when you hit your next goal.

Bigger Bust

The biggest goal for a busty babe is finding swimsuits with sufficient support. Underwire is your best friend, or you might be limited to lying on your towel and holdingverystill. If you can't find a swimsuit with underwire and you're in a bind, coverage is key. Get a top, or one-piece, that makes you feel good about nothing, uh, breaking free while on the beach.

If you don't have as much junk in the trunk as you do in the attic, take a page out of my book and mix and match sizes that suit your shape best!

Bigger Booty

Wouldn't it be great if there was underwire for your butt?? Maybe someday. For now, ladies with a more prominent bum will want to focus on sufficient coverage. Normal bottoms might look a bit more like a thong for you, and if you're good with that, then rock it! But if you want to keep things a little more contained, then options like cute swim skirts that fall just beneath the widest point of your hips, and boy shorts, are a great option! And if you're looking to get your booty perkier, try out the booty focused workouts in the LSF App!

Mixing and matching is key, too, if you have a smaller bust. For one pieces, make sure that the torso is long enough to not pull everything upwards!


If you have lots of curves, the best way to highlight your best parts is with bold colors, and form flattering cuts. Try high-waisted bottoms with tops that offer enough support, without completely covering up your chest. You've got it, so flaunt it!

Just make sure to stay away from thin, tight, or plentiful straps, and get large enough sizes to accommodate your wider areas to avoid digging in to your skin.


If you have a slim, athletic, or muscular build, and you're looking to add some shape to your form, try adding some flair. Suits with things like bows, ruffling, or shaped edges help give the illusion of curves and draw attention to the right areas. You also have much more freedom to be bold and have to worry less about keeping things where they're supposed to be, so have some fun!

Play around with fun types of suits that curvier girls wouldn't be able to wear, and enjoy what you've got!

Happy shopping, girlfriend!

But more importantly, as we get closer to the summer months, try to avoid thinking that your body needs to fit into a specific mold, and find ways to highlight what you've got! The healthiest and most well-loved version of your body is the most beautiful, and we can't wait to see how you choose to show it off! Finding the best swim suits for your body will make you feel SO good. See you at the beach!

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