Best Sports Bras For Max Support


Best sports bras. Strap Those Suckers In!

Let's chat about your…cough cough…girls.I remember being in Jr. High P.E. and feelingcompletely mortified when we had to change and run laps. I was an "early bloomer" and being the only girl in your class with boobs was SUPER awkward. I felt like I neededto cross my arms while running just to tame those suckers and try to avoid the boobie comments from theboys in my class. Sadly, the best thing available back then was a basicjersey bra which was sort of like wearing a bandeau with shoulder straps.Not helpful!

Today there are literally thousands to chose from and, while it's awesome there are so many options for girls of all shapes and sizes, I know first hand how overwhelming it can be. Throughout the last several years I have gone through so many differentbras trying to find my perfect match. I don't think I am asking for a lot. All I need areoptions that are; cute, comfortable and give me enough support to run, jump and bouncewithoutthe bounce.

At last! I have found my bra mates! After lots of trial and error I have narrowed it down to three of my favorites that I just know you are going toLOVE! These are the best sports bras for maximum support!

A good sports bra is like a man,

hard to find, but worth the wait!

Fall in love with these bras for the right reasons: Style, Support & Satisfaction!

FableticsSintra Bra:This is one of my new favorites for a few reasons. First, the price! Fabletics has done a great job making their apparel reasonably priced so you don't have to break the bank in order to look cute while working out.The second reason I love this bra is because it is super versatile. Most bras either give support, but are uncomfortable or lack support, but are super cozy. This one gives you the best of both. It's really their first bra built for high impact sports like running and HIIT trainingand it works great! My only wish is that it had some underwire for even more support. For most girls this will be a winner, but if you need even more support I have a few more you will love.

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Victoria's SecretKnockout Front Zip:This bra is UH-mazing! In true VS style it comes in tons of different solid colors and patterns.I also love that it has more of a v-shape cut so you can wear under tees too! It has two layers for even more support. The bottom layer is basically a front-close underwire bra layered with a more typical sports bra front-zip portion. I like that it also has adjustable and lightly padded straps for added comfort. This bra works great for circuit training, sprints and even just to weararound. It is really comfy for being so supportive.

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PanacheSports Bra:While this bra may not look quite as cute as the VS Knockout, it is theULTIMATEin support. I mean you literally won't go anywhere. Say goodbye to bounce! This is my go-to bra for running. It has thickly padded straps which makes it perfect for added comfort and support, but it also means it can feel a little bulky pre and post workout. So while it isn't going to be your hangout around town bra,it will get the job done!

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Another great thing about all of these bras is that they are true to size. I wear the same size in every one of them as I would in a regular bra or another sports bra. Hopefully this will help you all narrow your searches down. It's so nice not having to buy and return bras anymore! Victory!

Let me know if you have tried any of these or if you have other bras that you think I should try! Also, make sure to check out some of my other fit fashion favorites for the fall in my YouTube haul video.

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