Beach Day Essentials


Beach day essentials. Work's been a little crazy this summer and even though I live down the street, actually getting to the beach for a full day hasn't happened yet.

My goal this week is to have a legit beach day. Pack it up, plop down and not move for at least 4 hours. I've partnered up with Kohl'sagain this month to share my perfect beach day essentials. They literally have everything you need to get set up for an awesome HEALTHY summer so here are my must haves!

The Right Skincare:

As much as I'd love to stick my face in the sun and soak it up carefree, it's just so bad for your skin.

I just got this Miracle Skin Transformerthat is a tinted SPF moisturizer. It protects your skin and you get a little coverage so you can snap those beach selfies #nofilter.

It comes in a transforming trioso you get the daytime SPF, nighttime treatment and an exfoliating cream too! I haven't used anything except for the daytime moisturizer, but I'm definitely going to give the others a try and will update you guys on it soon.

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Supportive Bikini:

I am usually rocking tiny bikinis and one-pieces, but I kinda love this Adidas bikini from Kohl's.They are really just dominating the summer game!

It gives a little more coverage and support, which means I could even just walk to the beach wearing it with some trainers and be good to go or do a Sweat Guide workout right on the beach!

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Perfect Beach Bag:

How cute is this Sun Kissed Beach Bag? It has an inner zipper and snaps closed. It's honestly the perfect size too. Just big enough for a towel, snacks and a few extras without beingtoolarge to even carry.

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Snacks for Days:

The last thing I want is to get hangry at the beach so I ALWAYS bring snacks! When I meal prep at home, I use these Pyrex Snapware sets.It helps me portion out the food, keeps it fresh and means I won't be leaving trash behind at the beach either.

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My FAVORITE snacks for the beach are frozen pineapple chunks, tuna and avocado. Random, I know, but SO good for a hot sandy beach day!

This Towel Though….

You guys… Kohl's has SO many of these fun circle towels! OMG! When I saw the pineapple I almost lost my mind! It's amazing! #PineappleEverything

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Stay Active:

In college I was so self-conscious about playing beach games. I usually would just say I wanted to lie out because I didn't want to feel like the "chubby girl" running around in my bathing suit. What a waste….

Three things I've learned since then:

1 – Never let those fears stop you from doing something fun. You will ALWAYS regret it later.

2 – If you do run around, you'll be burning some calories, which is a definite win.

3 – I'm pretty awesome at Frisbee.

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A few of my favorites now are Frisbee, smash ball and beach volleyball. I'm a big fan of multitasking, so if I can get tan, work out and have an amazing time with friends, I am in!

What are your beach day must haves? Comment below and check out all my new gear from Kohl's!

You all know I ONLY share brands and products I actually use and love! This post was sponsored by Kohl's through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated to write a post about Kohl's, all opinions are my own and 100% how I feel about it.

xoxo katie

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