Summer Phone Wallpapers


Summer phone wallpapers. Can you even handle the fact that it's August?! We def can't.

Summer time is our favorite season around here so we plan on soaking up every last bit of this month, even on our summer phone wallpapers.

So, for August, it's all summery, tropical, beachy vibes. Just a little something pretty to keep the happy thoughts coming. Makeover your phone like you're making over your life right now! And here's why we think you need these right now… Enjoy these summer phone wallpapers!

Good Things

Good thoughts bring on more good thoughts. Negative thoughts keep you stuck in negativity. You HAVE to retrain your mind to stop thinking about all the bad things, and start focusing on all the good things. That means putting this small "Good things" reminder in front of you all the time (aka on your phone wallpaper!), and making an effort to put your mind in that place. A Good Things state of mind is so very LSF, and it will change the game for you, babe.

Keep Going

Which brings us to our next point: positivity by itself is amazing, but it doesn't make change unless you transform it into action. Use all the good vibes to push yourself, to keep going. Once you start feeling confident and free to make healthy changes, don't let yourself give up! That is not who you are anymore. You're better than that boo!

August Wallpapers

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