Tips For Working Out At Home


tips for working out at home.Unless you're Beyoncé [#agirlcandream], chances are you don't have an in-house fitness center.

So that means the rest of us have to resort to paying for a gym membership, or converting our living room or bedroom into a part-time workout studio. Even if you do have a gym membership, any honest girl will admit that sometimes the motivation to make yourself presentable and drive to the gym to work out in front of other people just isn't there. Which means, your living space is going to be on home-gym duty at least sometimes.

You've probably watched videos of me working out in my studio, or on the beautiful beaches of California, but let's be real: a lot of people don't have access to these kinds of workout spaces, especially in your own homes! In fact, up until we moved into this house, I was in the same boat just trying to make it work in a tiny apartment. Your limited space shouldn't stand in between you and your fitness goals, so I'm outlining some of my best tips to workout at home and help you get fit in your apartment or limited space! ?

Keep It Simple

Rather than planning elaborate workouts that need the space of a college stadium, choose to focus on a streamlined workout that doesn't require space you don't have. Pick a muscle group and dig in! Choose days to focus on legs, core, arms, or work in some amazing yoga and pilates sessions. Need to get in some cardio? No problem! HIIT workouts are a fabulous way to get your heart rate up without needing a ton of square footage! Just be careful of those downstairs neighbors

Make Your Space Mobile

If you can, find ways to shimmy your space around to create a good workout environment for yourself. When Ryan and I used to live in a small condo, I had to play tetris with our living room furniture to create a workout space for myself. Once you figure out the right places for your coffee table, chair, etc. it'll be almost second nature, and provides a nice little warmup!

Get The Gear

To make sure you can get all of the benefits of a gym from the comfort of your own cozy apartment or room, you're going to need some gear! Luckily, a little goes a long way, and things like free weights and LSF Booty Bandsare inexpensive and incredibly effective!

Low Impact = No Worries

It can be tricky to go all in on a dance or HIIT workout when you're pounding the floor, much to your downstairs neighbors' resentment – nobody wants that drama! But never fear, babe, there are so many ways to make workouts low-impact and more quiet! Your neighbors, and sometimes your joints, will love you for it!

Need some more ideas?! It's your lucky day!! I've put together the perfect workout for small spaces that will give you even more inspiration for your cozy-quarters gym!

Apartment Friendly LOVE HANDLE Blasting Workout

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