SSU Prize Runner-Up: Alex Bonavita


Alex Bonavita. Can we say it enough? We LOVE a good transformation before and after photo.

What we love even more? Learning to love yourself even on a day where you ate a little more sugar than you should, or worked out less than you wanted to. That just means we get to come back harder and stronger the next day, and continue working towards crushing our goals.

Maybe all you need is a tool like the LSF Appor a community of supportive babesthere to help inspire you to be your very best. For Alex Bonavita, it was a combination of all those things together that helped her complete the 8 week Summer Shape Up Challenge as a slam dunk. We caught up with Alexand heard all about her SSU journey, check it out and follow her on Instagram @thegoodlife_lsf

Alex's 8 week Progress

alex @thegoodlife_lsf

What were your goals going into the challenge?

When LSF asked us to write down one macro-goal and some micro-goals for the challenge mine were: Show Up For Myself, Workout Everyday and Be Kind To Myself. I have a very unhealthy habit of putting myself down when I don't stick to the routine I set for myself every morning. During this challenge, the encouragement and inspiration of the LSF Communityand the kindness and support of my loved ones really helped me take a step back from the destructive thoughts I'd have. Now, if I decide to have a Self Love day earlier than Sunday, it's totally okay! If I eat a sweet that isn't a healthy-made one, that's also okay! I'm showing up for myself by thinking of my workout as a necessity to not only be physically healthy but mentally healthy as well. Team LSFis already doing a great job by putting out bomb content and uplifting/encouraging all of us to take care of ourselves.

Share some of the healthy habits you have formed during SSU.

One major healthy habit is thinking about how food is going to not only satisfy me but also nourish me. I've been vegetarian for about three years now, but I was never really healthy about it until this year. I've incorporated such a variety of vegetables, different sources of fiber and much more healthier fats since starting this challenge. Some of the mini-motivational challenges really got you thinking about what you're putting in your body and what you should be incorporating more of into your diet.

Another healthy habit is not using breakfast to fuel my sweet tooth! I love pancakes, waffles, crepes, french toast, syrup, compotes and any another sweet thing you can think of to eat for breaky. Now, I really think about getting a source of protein, healthy fat, and healthy carb with not only breakfast, but each meal of the day. This last healthy habit seems small but it's huge in my world: staying away from office treats! I work 8-5 in an office where people bring in their leftover pies, cakes, cookies, casseroles, breads and so many more delicious treats. Once I stopped eating at that counter, it really changed the game for me.

What's your fave part about Team LSF? What are you looking forward to next?

I love how Team LSFis an actual team. Katie and Ryan host brunches for the team, make sure their favorite snacks are in the house, go out to happy hour and have dinner with them – I sound creepy but I watch all the Youtubeand IGstories. I just love how you're all actual friends, respect each other, and continue to build this business not only for themselves but for the LSF Community. I love when Natalie takes over the IG and is makeup free and showing what real women look like. I love when Ali takes over and is showing grocery shopping with her adorable daughter. I love that they have other devoted LSF ladies take over and show their workout. It just seems like such an inclusive and loving bunch of women, and that's so refreshing to see. Oh, and I also love the content! I'm always excited to see the new app upgrades and new YT vids. You all are killing it!


Are you ready to work it during our next challenge? After seeing so many amazing girls pull out so many wins during the Summer Shape Up challenge, we're more excited than ever.

Getting to work together with other babes who are all focusing on their health and fitness goals is what really works. We're ready to hear about all the wins that are coming up for YOU. Get ready. Get set. You're going to be the best you yet.

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