8 Moves To Burn Fat At Home!

Burn fat at home. There are TONS of ways you can get in a good cardio sweat sesh without spending boring hours on a machine.

In fact, you don't need any equipment at all to burn serious calories, torch fat and get a killer workout in! Love it or hate it, cardio is an important part of every exercise routine so I'm giving you 8 moves you can do at home!

You can do all of the exercises below in order completing 2 rounds, or pick 4 of your favorite moves and complete 3-4 rounds! Move through the exercises as quickly as you can, resting for 60-80 seconds in-between rounds. Either workout you choose will get your heart pumping so you can burn fat and increase cardiovascular endurance.

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Air Rope –You don't need an actual jump rope to reap the benefits of the exercise. Bring your arms down by your side, elbows bent at 90 degrees. Imagine you have a weighted jump rope in hand and get jumping. Stand tall engaging through your core and glutes, keeping your shoulders back and down. Bouncing on the toes, move your arms in circular motions as if you had a real jump rope in hand.Reps:Jump for 1-2 minutes moving as quickly as possible.

Explosive Star Jumps –Bringing feet to hip distance and weight into heels, lower down into a deep crouching squat. Push through your heels and explode up bringing arms over head and legs out laterally as if doing a jumping jack. Landing gently on your toes lower back down and repeat.Reps:x15

Donkey Kicks –From standing, bend over placing hands on the floor about a foot or so in front of your feet. Engaging your core, bend your knees and begin to kick one heel up toward the sky as if attempting to go into a handstand. With control, drop the leg back to the ground and kick off again. Repeat on both sides.Reps:x10 each side

Ice Skaters-Starting in a curtsey squat position with left leg behind the right and left hand on the floor, explode up switching legs and hand. Repeat moving side to side.Reps:x20 (each side is 1)

Break Dancers –From tabletop, rotate your body open and to the sky, bringing opposite knee to elbow. Move back through center and repeat on opposite side.Reps:x20 (each side is 1)

Plank to Squat –Start it a high plank, push-up position with shoulders stacked over wrists, core engaged and hips slightly tucked. Gently bend the keens and hop forward, bringing feet on the outside of your hands to land in a squat. Push through the hands to lift the hips and jump back into a plank. Repeat.Reps:x15

Long Jumps –Bring feet wider than hip distance with heels in, toes slightly out. Squat down, bringing your hands to the floor. Push through your heels and toes and explode up and forward, reaching arms over head. Land softly and repeat moving trying to jump up and forward a few feet each time.Reps:x20

Mountain Climber –Start in a high plank position. Bring opposite knee to elbow on one side, then the other repeating 4 times for a total of 8 mountain climbers. Repeat.Reps:x5

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