6 To Slim: Total Body Tone Up


Total Body Tone up. No Gym? No Excuses!

These are a few of my FAVORITE moves to burn major calories. It's a perfect last-minute circuit to get you feeling bikini ready! The best part is all you need is YOU!

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I love this workout because it truly targets your ENTIRE body and does some serious toning. You will feel the burn in your booty, legs, arms and abs! Each exercise in this circuit is designed to challenge your balance, strength and endurance.

The goal is to repeat the circuit 4 times, with little to no breaks. You can expect to burn over 200 calories in about 25min with this workout! While moving quickly will bump up your heart rate and help burn calories faster, you always want to make sure you are completing the exercises safely. Take the first round to get comfortable with the moves and then go from there.

Oblique Toe Taps 10 (each side)

Place your right hand on the floor, fingers spread wide and directly under your shoulder. Take a side plan with your left leg as your foundation, bringing your right leg out in front of your body. Once stable in your side plank, draw your belly button into your spine and squeeze into your obliques to lift your right leg up to meet your left hand,. Lower and repeat 10 times. Switch sides and complete 10 more.

Modification: You can always drop to your knee as you build up strength.

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Curtsey Squat with Knee Raise 12 (each side)

Starting on your right side, bring your weight into your right heel. Step your left leg behind your right in a curtsey while keeping your chest lifted. Push through the heel and draw your left knee up as you come back to standing. Repeat 12 times then move to the left side. You can also add weights for even more of a booty burn.


Push-Up w/ Side Rotation 10

Come into a plank position, shoulders stacking over the wrist or hands out wide. Keeping your core engaged, lower down to wherever you are able, not going below the shoulders. Exhale as you push-up, turning into a side plank on the right. Inhale as you move back into a push-up. Exhale pushing back up and rotate open to the left side. Continue this rotation for a total of 10 push-ups.

FL_June_Blog_Katie-Dunlop_Pushup_700x700 FL_June_Blog_Katie-Dunlop_Featured_700x365

Frog Hops 15

Bring your feet out wider than hip distance (about 2ft apart). Lower down into a deep squat, brining the weight into your heels. Explode up, pushing off your toes and lower back into a squat landing lightly on the toes. Move through this 15 times as quickly as you can.

FL_June_Blog_Katie-Dunlop_Frog_700x700 Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 5.23.57 PM

Windshield Wipers 10 (each side)

Come into a plank position. Shoulders stacked over your wrists, heels drawing back away from your body and core tight. Draw your right knee to your right elbow. Keeping the knee tucked in tightly, draw it across to the left elbow and back over to the right. Trying to tap the elbows, repeat 10 x then switch to the left leg.

FL_June_Blog_Katie-Dunlop_Windshield_700x700 Tone up Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 5.28.12 PM

Tricep Dips w/Leg Raise 12 (each side)

Lower yourself all the way to the ground. Place your hands behind your booty, fingertips pointing toward your body. With bent knees, push your weight through your heels to life your hips off of the ground. Keeping toes lifted, bend your elbows to lower your hips to over. Push through your hands to straighten your arms and lift your hips. Don't let your legs to the work here. This is all about the triceps so make the arms move!

 Tone up FL_June_Blog_Katie-Dunlop_Tricep_700x700 Tone up Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 5.31.50 PM

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