5 Ways To Maintain Your Workout Motivation


fitness motivation for women

Hey, girlfriend!

Hopefully Self Care September is allowing you to see all of the major benefits of taking the time to slow down, rest, and recharge every once in a while so that you can keep slaying your goals efficiently without burning out! It's so important to realize how much of a key component self care is in making sure that your efforts for transforming your life are sustainable. There's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to sustaining and maintaining your journey to your best self, and it looks different between men and women, personality types, stage of fitness, and so many other things! That's why we want to give you all the tools you need to succeed!

To set you up as best we can, we're going to focus specifically on fitness motivation for women and talk about some of the ways that, as women, we can make sure that we don't fall into the rollercoaster of inconsistent efforts.

fitness motivation for women

Self Care

Duh! It's Self Care September, and yes it's that important! If you're late to the game on this oh-so-sacred practice, check out our Intro to Self Care September and get on board! It will feel more like a treat than a discipline, trust us!

Stay Connected

One of the very best things about Love Sweat Fitness is the community! Utilize the #TeamLSF hashtag on Instagram, find a virtual workout buddy, join a challenge, and look to the other boss babes in the community who are experiencing their own transformations to get some motivation yourself! This group is the perfect place to find both support and competition to challenge and encourage you as you push towards your own goals!

Small Steps

If you're already not feeling it, the idea of a huge workout probably isn't very motivating. And even if you managed to get on your mat and sweat a little, it could just burn you out even more! Not only does maintaining motivation differ from person to person, but fitness motivation for women differs from males depending on the, uh, time of the month. It's important to listen to your body and maintain momentum without dropping the ball altogether. If you're having a day, or week, that is making fitness particularly difficult, just commit to working out for 10 minutes (our daily workouts are perfect for this!) or even stretching on your yoga mat. This will help you maintain the habit of caring for your body without feeling like you've fallen behind!

fitness motivation for women

Shake It Up

Rather than having a rigid schedule that involves you doing workouts that leave you drained and strained, if you're having trouble finding motivation, try doing something fresh and out of the ordinary but still gives you an opportunity to be active and work towards your goals. Go for a hike, bike ride, play a game of beach volleyball, or take a walk with a friend! Literally as long as you are moving your body you are working out! If you need fresh new ideas, the LSF app might be just what you're looking for!We have tons of free daily workouts, personal training, videos, and you can log outside workouts too!

fitness motivation for women

Set a New Goal

As a woman, another great way to keep your motivation is to switch it up! Sometimes a goal can grow stale and lose its appeal, whether it's because it was too big of a leap and you're getting discouraged, or you're just not that excited about it! Setting new goals might be just what you need to keep pushing forward! Think shifting from "I want to lose 20 pounds" to "I want to do 20 push ups!" Something that challenges you, but also is realistic and measurable! Our meal plans are also perfect for maintaining that motivation while being able to switch it up in the kitchen!

Now that you're getting so good at self care, incorporating these other tips curated specifically to maintain fitness motivation for women will only increase your ability to crush goals faster and feel better while you do it! No matter what tricks work best for you, know that we're always here for you and you have an LSF sisterhood ready to support, challenge, and celebrate right alongside you! Go get em, girl!

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