5 Tips To Stay Motivated


Stay motivated. One of my favorite parts of our LSF community is the challenges.

Post-Challenge Motivation Station

They're such an important part of reaching macro goals and pushing ourselves towards bigger results. Not to mention the community aspect of everything! It's so much more fun to get after it every single day when you're able to watch an amazing community of people do it with you every step of the way! Not to mention, the incredible grand prize waiting on the other side!

But when the dust settles, you've crushed the challenge, and your transformation pics have been submitted, it can be sooo easy to let yourself backslide and lose motivation. So what do you do when you find yourself in the post-challenge slump?


Using the LSF appeveryday is the perfect way to continue to push yourself in a fun and organized way! Set a micro goal for yourself to find time for the Daily 10 at least 5 times a week and journal your workouts. Or decide to track your hydration every day and see how much better you feel!

Continuing to try to earn trophies and seeing how long of a sweat streak you can earn will help keep you manage your micro goals and stay on track for your macros!


Make sure that in the weeks after a challenge, you're mixing things up! Revisit some old YouTube videos and do some workouts that you haven't done in a long time! Go try a new level in the app you've never done before, or mix up the days in your routine! Doing this will help you avoid chances of hitting a plateau and will keep you moving onward and upward before the next challenge!


Keep using those hashtags and checking in with a daily #lsfrollcall on Insta so that you can stay up to date on the LSF community. After all, it's the people checking in every day who make the challenges so amazing, so why not keep yourself posted? There's always mini-challenges and giveaways happening that will help keep you pressing forward!


Community-wide challenges are so much fun, but that doesn't mean you can't create a challenge for yourself while you wait for the next one! Now that you've been connected with all of these LSF babes, grab a cyber-buddy and come up with a challenge of your own!


Almost as soon as one big challenge is over, we're working hard to plan the next amazing one! Our goal for LSF is to push you towards lasting results rather than finding fitness in phases. So rather than slip into a pattern of crushing a challenge and then backsliding before the next one, try to use the challenges as a way to set a new bar, and then level up every time a new challenge hits your inbox! You'll not only see consistent results, but the results will only get better and better!

Post-challenge days can be hard, and just like during challenges, you're not alone in the struggle! But you can always be confident that we have another challenge coming your way, and that it's going to fabulous, just like all the others! In order to make sure that you're in good shape to take it on when it finally arrives, make sure that you're following these tips and tricks – you won't be sorry! And always, if you have any great ideas to avoid the post-challenge slump (which I'm sure you do!), share them with us!

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