5 Tips For The Fit Traveler


Traveler tips. This post couldn't come at a better time!

I'm so excited to share my friend Whitney's travel tips with you all. She runs a beautiful blog To Live & Diet in LAand will definitely make your holiday travel much healthier and morebearable this year!

The holidays are a magical time – the parties, the decorations, the snow (real or faux), the tasty meals, the time with family and friends – what's not to love?

For me, it's traveling. The long lines, the bad food, the stress, the potential weight gain – it's enough to turn anyone into a Grinch.

While you can't do much about most of those burdens, what you can prevent is damage to your diet and fitness routine. With a little preparation and positivity, you can keep your health on track this holiday season and start the year looking as fit and fabulous as ever.

Here are my tips for keeping that bod tight while traveling:

  • Smuggle in Healthy Snacks.

I'll be blunt – airport food sucks. Like REAL bad. Your average airport offerings consist of fast food grub and cheesy chain restaurants.

Avoid having to choose between a Big Mac and a Fiesta Steak Burrito by planning ahead and packing your own snacks. Mixed nuts, granola, fresh whole fruit, peanut butter packages, healthy bites (like Larabar), carrot sticks, sliced bell peppers, and mini portable hummus tubs are my go-to terminal grub.

  • Defend Yourself

Holiday season just so happens to coincide with another stressful time of year – flu season. Don't let your vacation be derailed by a bug. Defend yourself by tossing hand sanitizer in handbag and wiping down anything that could have been exposed to airport bugs – your cell, your earbuds, your arm rest on the plane. Douse that shiz.

And, of course, wash your hands every time you use the restroom and before every meal. Obvi.

  • Pack Lightweight Fitness Equipment

Got a long layover? Use the time to get in a quick HIIT! My hubby and I always bring a resistance band and jump rope in our carry-on and trade off doing strength and cardio circuits. I know – it could be a little embarrassing. Find a secluded area though and get your sweat on, you'll be happy you did it and you'll never see those travelers again (hopefully).

  • Bookmark Your Favorite Bodyweight Exercises

Ok, maybe the airport adrenaline rush isn't your style? That's ok. Get your FitMas workout on when you get to your final destination. Round up all those fun workouts that you've seen online lately (and promised yourself you'd try "sometime soon") and actually do them! With bodyweight exercises, you've got no excuse not to fit in a quick burn.

  • Don't Skimp on the Zzzz's

Lastly, you probably have a million things to check off your to-do list and a ton of family and friends to catch up over the holiday break, but try not to let the stress and festivities interfere with your sleeping schedule. Lack of sleep can wreck havoc on your body. Not only will you be too tired to enjoy yourself (let alone, get in your FitMas workouts), you will also wind up with hormonal imbalances that can cause you to over eat– as if all the Christmas cookies weren't temping enough!

I hope these tips will help you have a happy, healthy holiday! For more nutrition and fitness advice and delicious, nutritious recipes, visit To Live & Diet in L.A.>>

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