5 Self Care Habits To Add To Your Daily Routine

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Self-care is kind of tricky, right? On the one hand, there's the easy self-care you want to do, like taking a super long, relaxing bath. On the other, though, there's the self-care that feels like harder work. It's easy to just want to do the stuff that doesn't feel like it takes any effort. But just like your workouts, doing the self-care that challenges you will help you get even better results.

And when we're talking about taking care of yourself, those results really matter! Putting in some time and energy can help you feel more balanced, be healthier, and deal with less stress. It's worth it, girls!

And, look, I know that with everything else you have to manage, carving out time for self-care can be tricky. But I have some ideas for self-care that will take you 10 minutes or less. Seriously! In just 10 minutes, you can do yourself some serious good. And none of it's that hard, either!

Are you ready for my fave fast and easy ideas for self-care? Check them out. Incorporating even one into your daily routine will help you feel so much better!

#1: Meditate for ten minutes every day

Meditation is one of those ideas for self-care that can feel really intimidating if you're not sure where to start. But meditating helps to slash stress and increase your self-awareness, plus it makes you feel better. And it can even make you more creative and patient! (You don't have to take my word for it. Check out this research.)

My top tips to make meditation feel way easier are:

  • Start with ten minutes a day. Seriously, you can do anything for ten minutes! Try carving out this little bit of time in your schedule for a week and see how you feel.
  • Use guided meditations. Just sitting there can be tricky if you haven't figured out how to quiet and calm your brain. I love using guided meditations to help me hold this space for myself. There are a bunch on YouTube and Spotify (you can even type in "10 minute guided meditation") or you can try an app. Both Headspace and Calm have free trials so you can take them for a spin. I also have mindfulness and relaxing yoga classes on LSF the App.
ideas for self care

#2: Add greens to one meal a day

This is another one of those ideas for self-care that can be crazy easy once you get in the groove. And this shouldn't take you the full 10 minutes, either. Toss together a little side salad to go with your lunch or dinner or add a handful of greens into your smoothie at the start of your day.

Leafy greens have a ton of vitamins and minerals and lots of them have fiber, too. So you're basically adding nature's multivitamin when you work greens into at least one meal a day.

And I know, it can be tough to find ways to eat greens. Sometimes it just sounds blech. That's why I did the work for you in my Hot Body Meal Plan! The recipes are so good, and the best part - they'll actually help you lose weight and feel amazing. You won't even think twice about eating greens. Seriously. Grab yours now!

#3: Foam roll

If you're looking for ideas for self-care that you can act on while you're watching TV or chatting on the phone, girl, I've got you! I like to keep my foam roller out so it's easy to grab when I'm just chilling. (Plus, with our LSF foam roller, it's so cute you'll want to!)

And really, foam rolling can be whatever you want it to be! If you're feeling tight in your shoulders, lean back and give them a roll. Have you noticed that your glutes feel sore? Roll them out! You can make foam rolling one of those ideas for self-care that works for you, rolling whatever part of your body needs some extra love that day.

If you're not totally sure how/where to foam roll, no stress. In this blog, I have six areas that will feel so good to hit!

#4: Keep a journal

Journaling gives you a chance to check in with yourself. It's a space where you can put words to things you've been feeling —maybe even things you didn't know you were feeling! And because it's a totally safe, private space, you can open up and let it all go.

Seriously, I think journaling is super cathartic. And, again, this is one of those ideas for self-care that can take you just 10 minutes! Make a little time when you first wake up or before you go to bed. You can journal while you're all comfy under the covers and you might be surprised how good your brain feels afterward.

#5: Run once a week

Okay, hear me out. I know this is definitely the hardest of the ideas for self-care on this list. But running has a TON of benefits. It gives you the opportunity to get fresh air and some vitamin D from the sunshine. It's a chance to explore your neighborhood. You don't need a gym membership or any equipment for it (except your sneakers, of course). And it builds stronger muscles and bones while boosting your heart and lung health!

My tip? Try to run once a week for just 10 minutes. You've got this, girl! Just give it a try.

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Those minutes might feel long at first, but after a few weeks, you'll feel stronger and faster, I promise. You might even discover you want to run more often during the week or for a longer time! By lacing up your sneakers once a week for just 10 minutes, you give yourself a way to ease into running. You might like it more than you think! That runner's high is no joke, and running gives you a whole bunch of other mental health benefits, too. Do this mixed with your LSF the App workouts, and you're set.

Which of these ideas for self-care sounds the best to you? My challenge is to try it for one week and see how you feel afterward. I hope you feel amazing, babe!

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