5 Lower Body Stretches You Need In Your Life


lower body stretches

When you're getting a new routine your body sometimes freaks out a little. You get extra sore, puffy, and need a little extra help to recover. We're all busy so it's easy to let that extra 10 minutes of stretching or foam rolling go. Recovery is so crucial to see change in your body and it helps reduce muscle soreness so you can keep up those sweat sessions.

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To help you get the most out of your time, I put together the 5 BEST lower body stretches you can do right after your LSF App workout. Spend a few minutes in each move, we recommend doing them as long as it feels good, but at least one minute, and feel the difference! Another great way to recover is with the 2-in-1 foam roller. Don't know how to use it? Checkout our favorite foam rolling moves for recovery.

5 BEST lower body stretches

Child's Pose

lower body stretches

Seated Figure 4

lower body stretches

Quad Stretch

lower body stretches

Samson Stretch

lower body stretches

Half Spits

Supine quad stretch

Legs up the wall

And don't forget to get your protein in post-workout too! This will totally help reduce muscle soreness and get you the best results. If you're working out in the morning you need to try these Pumpkin Spice protein-packed pancakes for breakfast! They'll give you the right amount of carbohydrates and protein and are freaking delicious!

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