5 Ingredients To Reduce Bloating


Reduce Bloating. Best 5 Ingredients to Reduce Bloating & Add Flavor!

When you first start working out and eating healthier you might notice you drop a few poundsfast!Hate to break it to you, but most of that initial weight is excess water weight.

Salt is the first thing we grab when we're cooking and looking to bring the flavor up a notch. When you eat out or grab those terrible "healthy" packaged meals on the go you are getting WAY more sodium than your body knows what do to with! Too much sodium = terrible bloating (plus some other not so great health concerns)

The best thing to do to help reduce bloating, and get rid of that stuffed-sausage feeling, is drink a ton of water to flush it out. Sounds weird since you're body is retaining water, but it is 100% necessary.

herbs to decrease bloating

There are also tons of fresh herbs and spices that willtake your meals to the next level and seriously help reduce bloating. Plus they have tons of other amazing health benefits you can't find in packaged meals!

Start adding these into your daily diet. Your meals and waistline will never be the same!
  1. Turmeric:You probably automatically think curry when you here this one. This intense yellow root does give curry it's rich color, but it is good for so much more! The orange and ginger scent brings a slightly spicy and bitter taste to your dishes. Turmeric is loaded with antioxidants and helps reduce inflammation. I recommend adding it to roasted veggies, chicken or fish marinates, soups and even eggs on the daily!
tumeric decrease bloating

Cilantro:One of my favorite herbs ever! It has a complex mix of a citrus and parsley flavor that adds freshness to any dish. It is best when raw so try using it to make salad dressings, dips and salsas. Cilantro is a MUST for any taco night! Plus, it's also a great anti-inflammatory and can help with arthritis pain!

cilantro decrease bloating

Rosemary:Unlike most herbs, rosemary truly holds onto its full aroma and taste even when dried. It will add depth and heartiness to dishes, especially when paired with thyme. Add it to roasted chicken or lamb with some fresh lemon. It's so good! Among many other health benefits, rosemary will help with memory and event fights against harmful free radicals.

rosemary decrease bloating

Basil:There are 10 varietals of basil so it can be hard to know which to choose for a dish. Nine times out of ten, sweet basil will be what you'll find at your local grocery store. I always have a small basil plant on hand because it brings a delicious sweet and savory flavor to food. Think fresh tomato sauce or caprese salads. Of course it comes with amazing health benefits too and is literally called the "holy herb" for all its medicinal uses.

Oregano:This is another one of the few herbs that brings the flavor both fresh and dried. It has a strong and slightly peppery taste that is familiar in dishes like pizza and pasta. Oregano is definitely a bold flavored herb so start with a small amount and add more to taste. One of the most common benefits of oregano is its ability to aid in digestion, reduce gas and help fight antibiotic resistant infections.


Start adding these into your day and say "bye!" to that annoying little belly pooch that seems to pop up out of nowhere and won't go away.

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