5 Exercise Moves To Do When You're In A Crunch


quick exercises

We know that some days you're in a crunch for time and can't get to your normal workout routine¬≠¬≠––and exercising for even 20 minutes is super hard to squeeze into your day. It happens. In LSF the App we've got a TON of quick videos and bonus sweats for you busy babes who are short on time.

Some of our fave quick exercises RN:

  • 15 minute slow booty burn
  • 15 minute morning energy burst
  • 10 minute calorie scorcher
  • 10 minute coretastic HIIT
  • Plus so many more!

You can find all of those workout classes and a TON more in the video library in LSF the App. The library is filled with workouts for any level, any body part and at any amount of time. Really, there's something for everyone. Download LSF the App and try out these classes for yourself with your 7 day FREE trial!

LSF the App is great for quick sweat sessions, but we also put together some of the BEST, quick exercises to get your body moving when you're short on time. They're perfect for a quick burst before work, during your lunch break or even before dinner. Try out these moves and you'll be sweating in 5 minutes!

Also, we also have some quick yet effective AF workout on the Love Sweat Fitness Youtube channel, check them out!

5 Quick Exercises

We recommend doing 2 rounds of these exercises for 45 seconds each for a quick sweat. That's less than 10 minutes!


quick exercises

Russian Twist

quick exercises

Knee Drive Hop

quick exercises

Mountain Climber

Ice Skater

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