4 Ways To Get Fit Fast


how to get fit

Okay, is it just us, or is warm weather literally around the corner?? We feel like it was just pouring rain and now we're getting lots of sun in California! While it's still chilly, we know that Spring is coming which means we'll be at the beach soon. I.e. - bathing suit season. It might seem a little daunting, but it shouldn't be! You're already killin' it girl, but we also know that most women are seeing the shorts and bikinis and are wondering how to get fit (us included!).

As always, we got you üòâ We put together our 4 best tips on how to get fit fast. Don't get us wrong, this WILL take work, and there's no magic formula. But follow these tips and you'll be feeling confident, strong and ready to rock that bathing suit in no time.

#1: Have a plan

Okay, so this might seem simple and like, duh, but it's usually forgotten. We see women jumping into crazy workout plans - overdoing it, extreme dieting and beginning a cycle that really, no one can keep up with. Naturally, they eventually go back to old habits. Katie did this for years during her 45lb weight loss journey and never was able to transition her workouts and eating to a healthy lifestyle. Once she made a realistic plan for HER, that is when her life changed.

However, we know how hard it is to know what to do, where to start and what is the right amount. How is it possible to actually create a healthy lifestyle and enjoy working out and eating right?? When you're wondering how to get fit, it can be overwhelming. That's why we're doing the work for you with our FREE 6 week Spring Slim Down Challenge.

Basically, it's 6 weeks of free workouts, healthy recipes, support and motivation and a way for you to get the full body transformation you've been looking for. If you want more deets, we have them for you here. If you're ready to make it happen, join us!!

#2: Hold yourself accountable

You have a plan for yourself, but now you might be having trouble actually following through. We know holding yourself accountable is WAY easier said than done. Life gets crazy, you have so much going on and fitting in a workout seems like the lowest priority. We get it. Most women looking for how to get fit struggle with staying motivated - it's SO normal. That's why you can't do it alone.

how to get fit

The LSF Community, Team LSF, is made up of thousands (and we mean thousands) of women who are right there with you. They are here to support and motivate you every single day. Not feeling it today but don't want to give up? The community has got you and is there to help you push yourself. Having a hard day and just need to rest? The community is there to support you and have your back. This is the BEST way to stick to a healthy lifestyle since thousands of other women know exactly how you feel.

Ready to be a part of this team?? Join the community now by creating an LSF Instagram and get ready for a sh*t ton of new BFFs.

#3: Challenge yourself

Challenging yourself is CRUCIAL to seeing results. Of course, moving your body and getting a sweat on, regardless of how big or small, is amazing! But if you want to see your body change, you have to stay challenged. It's hard to know what workouts to do and the best way to work your bod without overdoing it.

how to get fit

That's why we have a workout app for women specifically designed for YOU. It makes working out actually fun (what?!?) and is perfectly programmed by Katie to challenge you in a safe way. We put together a blog post with all of the tea about the app so you know exactly what it's about. Daily workouts are just the start, earn trophies, log in your journal, track your water intake and so much more! Oh and did we mention the video library with TONS of workouts, recovery and tip videos?? Yeah, this thing is legit.

Download the app and get ready for life. changed.

#4: Remember it's not just about workouts

We've been talking A LOT about workouts in the first 3 tips, but something you cannot miss when it comes to a full body transformation is healthy nutrition. You can do all of the workouts in the world, but if you're still not watching what you eat on the daily, you're not going to get the results you want. That's a fact.

That being said, we're not saying you need to eat salads for every meal - quite the opposite actually! Healthy nutrition that you can ACTUALLY maintain and enjoy is filled with balance. It's about being conscious of what you're putting in your body, but that doesn't mean you can't eat cookies. It's about doing it right.

Cue in: the Hot Body Meal Plan. We know nutrition is the most confusing thing ever and seems like SO much work. With our 4-week meal plan, we're taking all of the guesswork out and bringing delish, healthy recipes in (that includes some healthy cookies üòâ). This meal plan has everything you need to kickstart your healthy nutrition - and want to know what we're told by the thousands of women who have seen results with it? It's SO. much. food!! Download your Hot Body Meal Plan NOW and get ready to feel amazing!

Pssstttt... to give you a preview of what's in the Hot Body Meal Plan, check out this Healthy CinnaBun Mug Cake recipe. Who says dessert can't be healthy?!

Alright babe, add these 4 tips into your routine and we're telling you, you're going to look and feel fabulous AF. We can't wait to see your results!!

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