4 Infused Water Recipes To Help Glow-Up Your H2O

Infused Water Recipes!

I can't wait for you to see the amazing benefits that staying on top of your water intake can have on your body, complexion, metabolism, focus… and pretty much everything else!

If you know me, drinking enough water is usually not an issue – I'm a chugger -But, I know not every LOVES water like me, so these are 4 infused water recipes to help glow up your H2O in my LSF Water Bottles.

Bye Bye Belly Bloat: Cucumber + Mint

These may be the most iconic add-in's ever, but there's a reason for it! Slice up some cucumber and pluck off a few mint leaves to put into your glass or water bottle, and it'll make every sip taste super fresh. Not only that, but it helps decrease bloating when you're having tummy discomfort!

fruit infused water recipes to upgrade your H2O

Energy Increase: Orange + Pomegranate

This tangy combo is like summer in a bottle and will leave you thinking you're somewhere by the pool in Cabo instead of at work or in a class! Not only does this fruity duo add amazing flavor to your water, but it's soo pretty too! Last, but not least, it will help keep your energy up – perfect for that mid-afternoon slump!

fruit infused water recipes to upgrade your H2O

Immune Booster: Lemon + Ginger

For a warmer, spicier effect, add in ginger and a squeeze of lemon! These are great ingredients any time you're feeling under the weather or are trying to stay healthy, as they're great immune boosters and are even anti-inflammatory, so they'll leave everything from your sinuses to your joints feeling great!

Sleep Sweet: Lavender + Blueberries

It's not just important to stay hydrated during the day – make sure you're going to bed having had enough water as well! Add some lavender to your infuser and plop in a handful of blueberries to help promote deep and restful sleep! You'll be getting all of the benefits of staying hydrated as you head into the night, and you can never underestimate what a good night's sleep can do for you too!

fruit infused water recipes to upgrade your H2O

Mmmm talking about all of these delicious add-in's makes me want to go grab my favorite water bottle and get sippin' right now! Not only can you use these amazing flavors to make hydrating fun and fruity, but you can also get a cute, chic water bottle that you'll be excited to carry with you and use. I always use my LSF Water Bottles to help me track my water intake, and look cute doing it! Make sure to grab yours, too!

I can't wait for you to see the amazing benefits of giving your body the water it needs all throughout the day! You'll be feeling like your best self in no time!


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